Can you use brave wallet without uphold verification

I’m under 18 and I wanted to use my BAT on a website. I can transfer my BAT to ETH using the crypto wallet on brave. I want to know if I have to verify.

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In order to transfer your BAT from your Brave wallet, you have to have an Uphold account (Gemini accounts will be available soon). That’s the only way to convert them to another form of crypto. You have to verify an Uphold account to do so (Gemini will be the same when it becomes available). I don’t know the age requirements of either one.

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I went onto a website and the brave browser asked to put that wallet in it. In order to get funds in my brave wallet do I need an uphold account or can I get it in.

You need to have it Verified.

Brave Rewards currently connects with ONLY Uphold wallets, which have to be verified. The crypto manager is a completely separate feature that has nothing to do with BAT from Brave Rewards.

You have already dismissed your case when you said you are under age.

What is the timeline for Gemini to be available?

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