Problem with age requirements with Uphold and Brave Rewards

So when I started using Brave Rewards, it had never asked me for any sort of age. And soon I want to verify my wallet. Problem is the only wallet I can use is Uphold and that requires me to be 18 or over (I’m 13). Does this mean I would have to wait 5 years to use my BAT and if so does my BAT expire? Also, I’m I not supposed to be eligible for Brave Rewards? Thank you.

That is correct – you must be 18 or older to have a verified Uphold account (as well as most other sites that revolve around the transfer of money).

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So currently there’s no way for me to transfer BAT from wallet to wallet? Will there ever be a way?

Even I am under 18. What I did was said my parents about this and they said that they will create an uphold account once the BAT in my browser reaches a good amount (Probably above 50 BAT). I suggest you to do the same

The only problem I have with that is that they will have to go through KYC which includes showing a picture of your ID, etc. Also, I’m not even sure if they would approve of this since they don’t understand cryptocurrency and the whole process of this. Especially my dad would probably think this is some identity theft scheme since he’s super cautious with things online.

Then the only option is to wait 5 years. (remember the value of BAT might increase or decrease over time. By seeing the development of BAT i am sure it will increase in that time)