Live chat with brave support team

A live chat with the brave support team will help many new users facing problems with the browser.

@TUSHANT A lot of the simpler issues or past known problems get resolved from people like me who volunteer their time to try to help. We do this because we can often respond faster but also so staff can try to spend more time working on newer or more critical issues.

As Go-go_duck mentioned, it likely wouldn’t happen here because of the limit on staff. While developers and others occasionally pop in here to help, you’ll tend to notice Mattches and Steeven as the two primary, then you have Fanboynz who does a lot but usually focuses more on things related to adblock features and all in the browser, and then you have Brian who tends just to pop in and handle things related to Brave Wallet. I’m trying to figure out @SaltyBanana yet as there are times I see them highly active and then times, such as the past 3 days or so where they aren’t on here at all.

As they’ve stated, a lot of the issues people have (such as figuring out if their accounts are flagged) can take hours or even days to research and fix. So between how long it takes to try to figure things out, limited staff, and the amount of people who would be trying to contact, it wouldn’t be possible or even make sense to try to do a live chat yet. But I do like the request and maybe one day they’ll be able to employ enough people for Support to add something like that.