Can you adjust whitespace in bookmarks menu bar and drop down bookmark menus?

I really want to love Brave, but coming from Firefox, there is just so much more whitespace in Brave in the bookmarks menubar at the top of the browser around the folder icons, and in the bookmark menus that drop down from those folders. I can’t see anywhere near the amount of items that I can when using Firefox, and it turns me off from committing to changing to Brave for everything.

Is there anyway to modify this?

Unfortunately there is no way to change this at this time. I will, however, pass on this feedback to the team.

Thanks. I hope they can address this at some point. I would completely switch to using Brave all the time.

I think this only happens on Mac OS. :disappointed_relieved: I use Windows 10 and there’s no such space in the bookmarks menu.

Actually, I just installed it on my Windows 10 machine (yes the first set of pictures was Mac OS X Sierra).

On My Windows 10 machine, the whitespace in the drop down menus seems to be OK - in fact, it’s actually a bit tighter than FireFox, which is fine!

There is still too much whitespace placed around folders and links in the bookmark menu at the top, however, See this shot of Windows 10 with Brave on the top and Friefox on the bottom, showing the same number of folders and links:

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