How to increase bookmarks toolbar density?

Is this possible to do on desktop browser?

Thinking of switching from Firefox, but this is holding me back as it’s a significant productivity loss.

The bookmarks toolbar has too much white space for my preference and I can only fit half the bookmarks as I can in Firefox. In Firefox, I can increase the density of the toolbar by editing userChrome.css (reference)

Is it possible to do something similar in Brave?

If you’re referring to how many items can fit within the width provided, unfortunately there is no way to change this outside of changing the names of the bookmarks on the toolbar (or using Folders on the toolbar to store more content).

If the names are shorter, then more items can fit on the strip.

Thanks. I was referring to the styling and spacing of the bookmarks toolbar, such as the margin, padding, fonts around each bookmark item - to make it more dense and compact.

But I guess it’s not possible here.

I already have one and two letter bookmark names, and bookmark folders as well for less frequently needed items. All the white space wastes a lot of otherwise usable space, which is a shame.

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