Can we please get an option for solid color Dashboard background !?

I can’t understand why this still isn’t a thing in Brave browser. You can either have colorful dynamic photos or you can have that violet/purple puke gradient thing. Why can’t we just have a solid color of choice? Like, I don’t know, entirely white background? Or better, ability to select ANY kind of color you want and make it solid across entire dashboard? But just having ability to have blank one would be nice start. Come on, I literally can’t use Brave because of this nonsense. Images are too colorful and induce delay because they are downloaded and the purple gradient just makes my eyes hurt as it’s one of most annoying color schemes I’ve ever seen and for some absurd reason Brave is still insisting on it till this day. What’s more ironic is that purple colors used on Brave webpage aren’t this annoying, so it’s bizarre they use this weird overly bright gradient in browser.

I mean, how hard can it be to allow users to just have a “blank” WHITE dashboard as an option (like an option between gradient and solid)? I like the dashboard for all the ads and tracking stats and the clock, but my god the color scheme of its background is just most awful thing I’ve ever seen. Or just replace this purple puke with actual webpage gradient color. So it would match the theme and not be this bright and ugly.

Yeah we need solid color background feature in Brave.
And if they can’t provide all color’s just provide Black and White solid color.

And I think that changing background image is under construction and after that we will be able to set any background color or our own pictures as Dashboard background.

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