Dashboard background image (again) πŸ˜„

Is there a way yet to either replace the images in the with my own or change the bright color of screen when no show Dashboard image is selected?

I tried Dark New Tab extension but hides all the data from the Dashboard.

I have looked in the config files for Brave and cannot find any images to replace. i have read several times in the forum about this request and the response was it coming.

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Hi @Coastie,

Currently there is no way to change the colour of the new tab’s dashboard or add your own images, but it is in the works. You can follow all the new tab page projects being worked on here.
In the mean time, you could install an extension to add cool images to your new tabs (e.g. the unsplash extension).

Thanks. I guess I’ll do without the statistics. I have gone back to the Dark New Tab extension and set Brave to open on my download

The background is black since I have Brave set to dark.

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