All the BAT I got before logging in with Uphold have dissapeared

Hello, so I’ve been an user of Brave since 2020/2021, since then I’ve turned in Brave Rewards, but now, after logging in with Uphold in Spain (Supported region) I find 0 BATs in spite of the fact that my rewards history show clearly every BAT that’s missing.

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@Albaricoque if you only recently connected, then you were way too late. There were notices given in the browser and many places online to warn people to connect before the end of October 2023 or it would be lost. Notices started going out in January 2023, so people had nearly a year to notice. You can see some articles below ( order links is oldest to newest).

Ok, but even the ones I got after October 2023 are nowhere to be found

@Albaricoque if you’ve been connected to Uphold via Rewards and haven’t received payments, then you’ll need to complete a Rewards Support Ticket at so someone from Brave can take a look into your account and help figure out what’s going on.