My rewards have arrived. But I can't see where they are :D

Hi. My rewards have arrived. But I can’t see where they are :smiley:
please someone help me.

They should be part of the 6.5 BAT you see inside your Brave Rewards panel (the dropdown panel in the top right corner). Your Brave Rewards balance is different than the BAT balance in your Brave Wallet. So, you will not see that BAT inside your Brave Wallet.

but today I received a notification and it was written that the ads rewards for September were transferred to my account. i naturally thought that came to my brawe wallet as uphold and gemini are not supported in my country.

Is there anyone who can provide information on the subject? I received a notification, congratulations, your September awards have been transferred to your account. but I don’t know where to get the rewards. because I can’t connect my account with uphold and gemini as unsupported region.

That is just not possible right now. Brave doesn’t have any feature like adding them to Brave wallet right now, they do have such plans for Q1/Q2 2023. So you must be getting a claim button if you haven’t received one already. Once you press claim, they’ll add to ‘Your Balance’ in rewards section and not the Brave wallet

Thats actually a generic notification that everyone gets on/after the 8th of each month, regardless of they receiving BAT or not.

Most likely you’ll get a claim button which adds that to your Brave Rewards wallet (not to be confused with Brave wallet).

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