Brave Rewards and im new pls secret tips

Hello, I have a question, I am using Brave for the first time and have a question so I was always an edge fan I still think it’s the best browser so better than Brave so I look but have a question what is Brave Rewards I heard what I think is a shame why is brave under chrome? So and the Brave Rewards how do you collect which web search engine does it work like this google or doesn’t count sry I don’t understand some things and how can you pay out

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Welcome. Well the idea behind Brave is faster browsing, blocking of ads and getting paid to watch ads. A lot of great info can be found alone looking at Braves own FAQs.

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Hello @Ender44

why is brave under chrome? it built on the chroumiom engine same as the new edge that you use

you can use whatever serach engine you like it has no relation with reward system

do not be sorry you have the right to ask and know whatever you like to know

right now 2 option

  1. using the built in wallet in the browser but it will let you only keep the BAT and also tip verified site//channel like youtube reddit and so on
    but there issue if you get issue with your instaltion you could face the lose of your BAT
  2. using uphold account and if you get issue with your instaltion you can have to up to 4 device linked to same account device here mean instaltion also even if it was on same device
  3. they working on other option

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hello @Ender44, Brave attempts to block ads and trackers, giving you more privacy and faster browsing speed. It gives you the choice between a few different search engines to use, whether you want to use Chrome specifically or not is at your own discretion. You can also change the amount of ads per hour that you recieve (max of 5 per hour). To verify your wallet, you need 25 BAT entirely and it is verified through uphold. Hope this helps! Happy browsing!

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Hi guys i dont know what i say this was quickly i dont know xd but i roger that sry my englisch is broke i wolt say thx and have a nice day this helped me and the start i dont know by brave xd

have question we i can close the community tab so this question but i know or is automaticaly lol xd

you very welcome and do not be sorry about your english :slight_smile:
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and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hello! I am new user.

@Night loool new user who joined since 28/7/2019 wow you very new one :joy:

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