New user with a couple basic questions I couldn't find in FAQs etc

I’ve been using Brave on my desktop for a few weeks and had a few BAT sent to my wallet the other day (aug 5th). First of all, is there any reason why some of the pending BAT didn’t get moved to the wallet? I didn’t “lose” it, but there was about 6.75 pending and I got 5.5 and the other ~1.25 remained pending.

Secondly, will Brave serve me ads if I’m using a VPN? I live in the US anyway and would use a US IP address.

Lastly, I just today downloaded Brave on my phone. I don’t use a browser on my phone very often, but I’d like to sync wallets anyway if possible. It seems like you can only officially sync bookmarks, but I’ve heard some people say you can use the recovery code to “sort of” sync them. I’m not really sure about that, if it’s a good idea or not and I can’t find the option to sync on the mobile version anyway.

Thanks guys, sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find much about them.

Ok, I figured out the second question. Looks like you can’t get served ads if you’re using a VPN, regardless. Still would like to know about the pending BAT and about syncing.

Hi @tankman so, because the way that the ads confirmation algorithm is designed with privacy in mind, the browser waits for some time after it sees ads to cash in its “payment receipts”. Sometimes this happens after the monthly payments and just rolls over to the next month. So you should see that rolled over amount on the next payment cycle.

So, rewards/wallet sync is still in the works, but we will keep the community updated when available. Thanks for using Brave and Brave Rewards!

OK thank you very much!

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