Question about brave VPN on PC and android

Brave has partnered with a project called Guardian to provide VPN + Firewall to it’s iOS users. The price for it is $10 which quite high. Mullvad offers their service for $5 with 5 connections, and Protonvpn basic plan is $4 with two connections and $8 for 10 connections.
If add the firewall feature and consider that it has 5 connections it should at most be around $7, $10 seems way too much.

On the main topic, the guardian thing seems to only limited to iOS. Their website does not state that they have created a product for PC and android. The official page says they are only thinking about it and no ETA can be given. So how exactly is brave delivering VPN service to PC and android? Have they patterned with another VPN provider?

Edit:- As it also provides content filtering (Dns ad-blocker) along with firewall, I guess 8$ is reasonable instead of 7$, but still 10$ is too much according to me.

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Hey there @chh_68 - thanks for the question and apologies for the long response time

We are working with Guardian ( on support for Android and Desktop. We just recently launched on Android with product version 1.39 (we just finished rolled out to 100% earlier today)

Desktop is a work-in-progress. Functionally, it’s working great on Desktop but we want to have a great cross platform experience. When it’s ready, folks will be able to login to and either purchase VPN or redeem the purchase they had on mobile

Just wanted to inform you that the Brave VPN update has not been installed on my browser.

There is no toggle for brave vpn in the settings menu (three vertical dots). I checked flags too, and there is no mention of brave vpn (being disabled)

I am on a custom android ROM with no google play services or google services framework code (no google code whatsoever).

I recevied an update 2 days back, when you guys started the rollout after 5% (due to the chromium cookie bug). It updated normally, but nothing related to brave vpn happened. As far as I know, rollout is done, it reached 100%.

Brave 1.39.115 Chromium

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Thank you for the additional information. Unfortunately, if you are using a custom Android rom, the Brave Firewall + VPN will not be available on your device. This service is through Google Play at this time so without any Google service you will not be able to utilize the service. I understand this might seem counterintuitive, but until we are able to offer additional ways to purchase the service, this is absolutely the reason why you do not see it in your browser at this time.


Thanks for the recommendation/comparison!

Any updates or ETA on this releasing to the stable Windows version?

@Nisten Umm, it’s supposed to be here sometime in January last they mentioned.

You can see that it’s kind of in the browser, but it can’t be activated yet because they don’t have plans available yet. You can see what I mean below:

If you go to brave://flags you can enable Brave VPN there.

When I did this (on Nightly, but flag exists on Release too), then it added a VPN button to my browser.

Photos 1_5_2023 13_41_39

When you click it, you get:

Photos 1_5_2023 13_41_59

However, when you go to Buy and log in, there’s no VPN plan to choose.

So it should be getting close. I’m not sure if @Shznakl and/or @clifton might be able to provide any additional details.

Actually tagged Clifton over at Twitter and he responded.

Photos 1_5_2023 14_07_10