Brave VPN Option Not available

Please provide us with the following information

Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc): Oneplus nord2

version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ): Android 12

Detailed description of the behavior:
Feature not available .


Brave Firewall + VPN, is a feature for Apple iOS devices.

Brave VPN for Android:

If it’s only for iOS, why does this page:

tell me to get it from the Google Play Store?


Thanks for the link. @Shznakl is a local Guardian rep. and may know the fine points.

When using an iPhone, that link shows a webpage designed for iOS users, with Apple’s App Store as the source:

But, if you toggle a piece of the webpage, we find:

Where can I use Brave VPN? Is it available on all platforms?

Brave VPN is available in the Brave browser on iOS and Android devices. It will be available for desktop computers (Linux, Mac, and Windows) very soon.

May interest:

Which is obviously a lie, because it’s apparently not available on Android. I’m really tired of companies favouring iOS. It’s so lazy.


Guessing that ‘Firewall + VPN’ started on iOS, because Brave Browser for iOS is not a Chromium browser.

Brave Browser for Android is a Chromium browser.

It is available on Android but on the nightly version of Brave not the stable release.

I use Brave Nightly Android, I cant see VPN. It looks like VPN is built in Brave stable for Android and IOS mobiles

@JesusBuiltMyHotrod , @CerealLover

As a feature, in Brave Browser for iOS:

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It is most definitely in Brave nightly on Android, go into settings, last option on features is Brave Firewall + VPN (I’m looking at it right now on my phone). VPN is not available on Brave stable Android yet.


Please provide a screenshot (edit your post, above), if you can; thanks.

Clearly visible here and both shots are Brave nightly not stable release.

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@dazzat60 I have version 1.41.20 Chromium 102.0.5005.61, up to date.

Same version as I have.

Hello All!

My sincere apologies for the confusion. There is a staggered rollout of the Brave Firewall + VPN on Android through the Google Play Store. If you do not see it yet in your Google Play version of Brave, please hang tight as it will become available soon. This was done by design in order to maintain a good flow as there are quite a bit more users on Android than iOS and we want to make sure we can provide the best experience possible to everyone.

Side note: The only reason it was first available on iOS is because our Partners, founder of Guardian, are experts in iOS so this was development step one. All platforms will be supported in time. Thank you for your patience!

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I like to chime in and notify something that there was a chromium bug on the same release brave vpn for android.

The staggered release reached 5% but then brave team stopped the releae due to the chromium bug. So they are gonna skip the release for the rest of the users (95%) for the next chromoim release.

Will need to wait for a week more (according to me)

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At 20% now from 5%. They have started the rollout again (after pausing it for some time)

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