Add built-in VPN option

I think Brave should integrate a built-in VPN option for the browser. You could either build your own VPN with your own servers which would be a lot of work for you all but would provide Brave users with how ever many servers, locations, and countries you might provide exclusively for Brave users. The other option would be to partner with an already established VPN provider like Nord or ExpressVPN and integrate their VPN into the browser. It wouldnt hold the exclusivity that created you own unique VPN would but if you were to partner with a high quality, big name VPN provider it would only attract more users and offer another layer of privacy for Brave users to ensure security and safe browsing. You could do this with perhaps a button like the shields or rewards are done now or in the drop down menu. Since you can only obtain good VPN service through a paid platform you could use BAT as either the only payment method or perhaps of BAT was chosen by a user it could offer the VPN service for a discounted rate to the users. I think both of the BAT payment options are smart for the payment as it ensures that either Brave users will purchase more BAT in general if not just for VPN subscription but if it was only payment option it would also ensure that user retention would be at a much higher level as they would have to use the browser in order to obtain BAT rewards to then pay for the VPN they want to useā€¦or they would be paying for BAT on an exchange and transferring it to their Brave wallets. Thats an everybody wins scenario except maybe other browser providers when you are taking their users from them. Think about it tho