Can i prevent being shown search results from certain websites?

Description of the issue:
Keep getting search results from websites that aren’t particularly credible and require you to let them share data with loads of other companies - basically spam.
finding this particularly disruptive and predatory since trying to look up health stuff.

I have tried different DNS services and currently using Quad9
Also every couple of months or so I flush my dns cache.

I don’t want anything to do with these sites.
Can i stop brave search displaying them or engaging with them ?

Brave Version (check About Brave):
V1.38.117 for Windows (May 13, 2022)

Operating System:


It will make you block sites like pinterest, quora or any spam sites you do not want. I do not exactly it will work specifically you want.



Yes IF you know those sites. You have to type the minus sign (-) before the site in question.
Example (In Google): usa -wikipedia, will exhibit all results except from wikipedia.
NB. This seems not to work in Brave search!!

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i still dont know if its me not using my computer in the right way or the search engine tbh but as someone with ADHD, i despise the entire attention economy and would consider paying for a search engine that isn’t for sale to the highest grifter


Re what chh_68 wrote, may interest:

Brave’s “Goggles” is not Google’s Goggles that were an image recognition app.

From the Brave website:

Goggles are an in-the-works feature, coming soon to Brave Search.

In short, Goggles will enable anyone, or any community of people, to create sets of rules and filters to constrain the searchable space and / or alter the ordering of results.

Anyone could then choose to apply a Goggle—or extend it—to their view of Brave Search results. Essentially, Goggles will act as a re-ranking option on top of the Brave Search index.

This means that, instead of a single ranking, Brave Search can offer an almost limitless number of ranking options. This would allow Brave Search to overcome the biases that search engines inherently embed in their results.


This command I learned on other search engines works on Brave Search as well. When making a search, type -site:“website” to have a website excluded from your search results.
So for example, the search “stock market news” will give me stock market news minus results from CBS News.


@Top_Hat - thank you:

I looked online, and found - Search Engine Operators:


What is Brave Search Premium?

Brave Search Premium is a paid version of the core Brave Search experience. It gives users (who are interested in doing so) a chance to support Brave’s mission of offering independent, unbiased search.

Sometime in early 2022, Brave Search results will include paid ads (delivered, of course, in a way that protects privacy). Users with a Brave Search Premium subscription will see ad-free search results, and signing up early for Brave Search Premium will help us test the payment system ahead of this broader release.

From the beginning, Brave Search has promised choice. An alternative to Big Tech’s invasive data collection, algorithmic bias, and pandering to advertisers. And—with Brave Search Premium—a choice for an ad-free search experience.

I’m new here and I just wanted to add that one way to prevent these sites from appearing in your search results is to use the exclusion feature in your search engine