Goggles Feedback: an option for exclusive results

I’ve now had a little time to play around with Goggles, and it’s definitely innovative. I have a suggestion though that I believe will make it even more useful. Instead of simply boosting results, why not allow for exclusive results of a certain type? If I want only tech blogs, or only right learning results, I can see that as being far more useful than to simply have preferred results boosted.

P.S. Congratulations on achieving over 2.5 billion queries!

there is a generic ‘$discard’ rule in the Goggle (which means: discard any result that does not match any other instruction from the Goggle; you can see this as a ‘default action’ applied to results if they are not caught by any other instruction).

How can I exclude any result not matched by my Goggle?

By default, results not strictly discarded by your Goggle might still be included in the final set of results if they’re very relevant to the query (although matched results will always be boosted according to your instructions). If you’d like to exclude any result that is not explicitly matched by any instruction in your Goggle, you can change the “default action” by adding a generic $discard rule. Consider the following:


The above example would exclude any result which does not have either en.wikipedia.org or de.wikipedia.org as a hostname. Whereas by default these results would only be boosted and mixed with other results.

Alright, so I am understanding what you said as the discard rule can act as a way to explicitly include only certain results. If that’s the case, then perfect. But if I read that wrong, then I’ll clarify that what I was talking about was inclusion of certain results that automatically discard everything else, not to include everything else except those results expressly discarded.

I got what you were talking about.

As I understand it myself, the discard rule will work the way you are talking about.

If the rule consists of brave.com and you search for brave browser on brave search with this goggle on, then you will get results only from brave.com.

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tried the Goggle for Right Leaning News today. The first page had the La Times, notoriously far Left. Right leaning sources are not usually mainstream. The rest of the sources on the topic I searched (Roe vs Wade) were
Fox News (Moderate)
Telegraph (Left)
NY Post (Moderate)
MSNBC (Moderate-Left)

Independent news sources like Gateway Pundit, OAN, Todd Starnes News, Christian Post, PJ Media ect., did not appear. One problem Conservatives have is having to access Twitter or Google search for news.

If leftwing sites are appearing, that’s only because they aren’t excluded with those goggles, instead they take a backseat to boosted sites the creators think are rightwing. That’s why I started this thread wondering if certain results could be excluded or included entirely. cch_68 tells me that they can, but somebody will need to come along and make those goggles.

In the meantime, the goggles we have are not meant to be all that there will be. New ones will hopefully be created by the community with new criterias, maybe some will have different assessments of rightwing and leftwing sites.

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I’m not a tech person but I am hoping someone makes a Christian Goggle. I looked up “how to get along with your spouse” and solely Christian advice would be ideal.
I recently found an app that does provide better right wing sources than Brave’s right wing Goggle so I know it can be done.

Go to github and keep on searching from goggles you likes https://github.com/search?p=1&q=brave+search+goggle&type=Repositories and start adding them. For example, a ‘liberty goggle’ for you https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jpbochi/goggles/0bd497d719759611a073edb67f9d0e3dd2031986/liberty.goggles

Later on, you will be able to find and add goggles directly from discover feature on brave search engine.

If you want a ‘christian goggle’, someone will eventually make it, or ask someone to do it for yourself on gab.

Or do it yourself it is not that hard to do it, some basic tech knowledge. You just need to type your sites and boost their value by 3 or above…


Thank you @chh_68! Although I’m not sure if I can make my own, but I will definitely reference that repository in the future.

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