Can brave shields have "domains based blocker" so that domains added to these lists will be blocked globally everywhere including search results on google

Will it be possible to block domains so that these domains will not show up anywhere on the web even if someone or myself performs a web search and the blocked domain has some results which are related to my search where i wish not to see it ?

Negative. It doesn’t work that way. At the very best what it would do is refuse to open if you clicked on links in those domains. You’re able to do that yourself as well very easily. But if you’re asking about Brave being able to filter out search results on Google or other websites/search, the answer is absolutely not.

Google, while its connected to VPN (Possibly Korean server) blocks most of the explicit results even if a search is performed, the website will be non-existent… so for website blocking, if it can be done from google end, brave should find a way to do it by getting the search results first, performing a quick scan and filter out the blocked ones to not show… there can be a few seconds delay for each time results need to show, but that’s fine

atleast, brave search should have this feature which i believe its possible