Can I deposit my BAT to my uphold account?

Last August, there was an issue with Brave, and I lost access to my BAT. A few weeks later, the missing BAT was put into my wallet by a support agent, and I had to begin a brand new Brave account. So I have an accessible Uphold account, and a new Brave account. A month later, that phone broke, and I got a new one, leaving me with ~4 BAT that I couldn’t access, and no way to sign on to my old account in order to continue building again. So my new phone, with the third new Brave account, has built up about 12 BAT, and I’m wondering if there is any way I can put this BAT into my Uphold account without having to wait to reach 25 BAT again, since I dont need a new Uphold account. With crypto prices climbing the way they are, I worry that the time until I reach 25 is going to get exponentially longer, and that I’ll be waiting a long time before it gets to 25.

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You can connect a uphold account to maximum of 4 brave reward browsers but this limit is the lifetime limit so you can’t add or remove devices after being linked.

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That’s not what I asked. How do I get the BAT I have into the account before I reach 25 again?

if you already have an uphold account and device limit of 4 isn’t reached you can connect your uphold account anytime.

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