Lifetime 4-Device Limit Question

I have recently switched phones, and just became aware of the 4-device limit on Uphold accounts. I only started using brave rewards on my phone earlier this year, and my old phone is sitting at about 22.5 BAT, so I never was able to link that one to my Uphold and I do still have 1 slot available. But I was originally hoping to get the 25 bat on that phone, loading it to Uphold, then swapping that one out and my new phone in. Obviously, that’s not currently possible.

SO, I’m wondering what my best option currently is? Can I just set up a different custodial account other than uphold for that one-time deposit from my old phone? Or should I just keep it tucked in a drawer until it becomes possible to de-register and register old and new devices?


I also have Same ques .
Due to failure of OS window of my laptop
I loose my bat and uphold connected profile

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