Lost my BAT on Brave


I’m relatively new on Brave. I had accumulated up to about 10 BATs, and have not created an uphold wallet yet (there seem to be a minimum of 25 BAT requirement). I had turned off auto contribute and it has been on this setting since I started. Today, my BAT today dropped to about 1BAT for no reason. I cannot find a way to figure out what has happened. Please help.

SCZ Babies

As far as I know, the minimum of 25 BAT requirement is only for Android version…

Not sure. I got that message when using my desktop, so it’s neither android nor iOS. Either way, that was the message received. The BAT is still missing, and I was wondering how to put it into a wallet if they take it away before I can even hit the minimum 25 BAT criteria to start an uphold wallet? Do they allow for other wallets? like coinbase? and if so, how do I go about putting in the BATS into that wallet? and what can I do to recover the BAT which I had previously earned? Thanks in advance.

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