Connecting a verified wallet to new devices

Hi, my desktop Brave browser is connected to my verified Uphold wallet. BAT payouts and everything else work just fine.

However, I would like to connect a couple of Android devices to the same wallet. Currently, the devices’ Brave browsers say that 25 BAT is needed before being able to verify. How can I connect the new devices to the existing wallet straight away?

HI @raxis, Welcome to Community!
Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the balance reaches 25 BAT on Android.

Thanks, Aaron. So does this mean that the amount of BAT on the local device’s browser is at risk while it’s below 25 BAT? I.e., if the device gets lost or goes bust, the ‘unverified’ BAT perishes with it?

Hi @Aa-ron, just a follow-up question on this. So what would happen if I were to change devices before I accumulate 25 BAT and can have the wallet on the device verified?

Hi @raxis,
At the moment, you won’t be able to move the BAT to a new device without connecting to a verified Uphold account. However, you can still contribute/tip BAT to Creators.

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