Can Brave, SpaceX & Movie Companies Contribute for a Greater Gaming Future ? Innovating Cloud Gaming #Skrushnet #Starlink OS/PCs, 68k+ devs, 107 Billion$ Project, 7.2 Trillion turnover, Real Estate Assets based Business Model with 17+ Sources of Income

Part 1/2 (Part 2/2 will be posted soon on this same thread within next 15 minutes)

Before getting into the topic, Two Main acronyms which you should know for this topic

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  2. Middlemen Centric Companies → Microsoft, Google, Sony, amazon, Netflix, Nintendo, apple…etc

This is Rhetorical feedback to make an effect.... CTRM

This is Rhetorical feedback to make an effect instead of getting an answer, i have already stopped playing new games almost 3 years ago, So it will not have an negative effect/affect on me in any way if this gets failed, this post was made in the thoughts of hoping someone outside the gaming Industry such as Brave Software Inc, SpaceX and probably Disney could setup the foundation for offering Something New in gaming business model style which includes and integrates Real Estate Assets Business theme deeply in it.

Overview of this Post.... Important, Read this first… CTRM

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More of this Environment Vibes

Project at a Glance ..CTRM

There are a total of 155 to 160 images which will be added in this post, all of the images are heavily compressed using ILoveimg(The Entire topic will consume 200 mb+).

Each image will have 3 to 4 or maybe even 5 columns, Please Go from Column A to B to C. If you have a Big screen like TV and connected your computer to it , you don’t need to Zoom, just click the image to be opened in Light box and you’ll be able to read, however if your screen is small, you need to zoom in(Smartphone is not recommended)

The Full Project consists of 4,800+ pages, watch the walkthrough video

Skrushnet Project I Full Walkthrough I No Audio I Read Description

Audio is not included due to copyright…if wanted, you can download the above video file using yt downloaders and mux this .mka audio file

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Note: If you want to read the full project in HD, follow the link in the above video’s description to view the project on GOOGLE DOCS (open the google docs link only if you have pc with good amount of RAM, high speed internet and strong processor… DO NOT open the docs link which i given as it will possibly crash the google docs app)

If some of the fonts and texts are harder to read, temporarily reduce your contrast setting
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In this Brave Community’s Post, ONLY the most Essential points will be discussed about.

Everything you see on this post was already made a year ago, so some of the information may be outdated but they are Relevant. Initially, this project.... CTRM

Everything you see on this post was already made a year ago, so some of the information may be outdated but they are Relevant.... Initially, this project was created to share it on Gameloft forum but while the project was still in working progress, Gameloft decided to shut down their forum and choose to keep discord only by making it as replacement for forum, kind of bad decision, so while i posted this project almost exactly an year ago to another forum by changing some information accordingly to that forum, they deleted it right away within 3 minutes of posting it, Ever since the deletion, i lost motivation to post it elsewhere… But since that incident, it’s already a year passed but nothing has been changed in a major/massive way in the gaming network as the way how i wanted to be…,So I have decided to give this project one last final try… I have made some changes to templates/methods of the way how i post and deliver the message(May not be Perfect but everything should be understandable).

Even if it’s year 2040 arrives, Games like this project’s design won’t exist as this project is an imagination of how gaming would be like if 68,000+ devs worked on a single project and the project has an budget of 107 Billion dollars for the Game development and Ecosystem setup

And as Brave Software Inc, while you may not contribute as Game developers for AAA+ Game development, you’ll be able to contribute in the project as Networking Engineers and Security Engineers. You don’t necessarily have to spend your whole life and contribution to crypto wallet development as i can see your focus right now with crypto is 64%, browser is 21% and others 15%(rewards, vpn, talk…etc)…For now what you’ve created is already great and futuristic enough as even though i am using a outdated version of brave and it works flawlessly on win 8.1, so you have already attained perfection with the main browser and i don’t know about your wallet as i never used anything crypto but i believe it is also good now and it would only be a matter of expanding the overall features where the BASIC ESSENTIAL features are ALREADY implemented and working…

Instead of just expanding this wallet thing, focus on expanding your Brave Software, INC presence across other business areas as well, one important business would be gaming which is capable of generating far more profits. On your main website, I have seen statements like, brave is on a mission to fixing the web and new way of thinking of how the web works…so why not expand to gaming aswell, why not fix gaming ? Look at what Microsoft, Google, Sony, Nintendo has all failed and make an effort to succeed in it… All these Middlemen Centric Companies don’t make any kind of efforts to eliminate Microtransactions altogether and focused much more on subscriptions based models where they indirectly support and encourage the use of Microtransactions to get that 30% cut of all individual games which are made available on their platforms…

Personally i believe Making Money in a Respectful way is important ...CTRM

Personally i believe Making Money in a Respectful way is important and adding a price tag to each and every in-game item is nonsense as the paying user and the ones who grind away lifelessly by doing repetitive tasks would have maximum advantage and the non paying user, once they have gained enough clarity and better understanding of time/life would uninstall or stop playing it altogether during the midway. Besides skills, games don’t deliver Skull Crushing Adrenaline And this is why we need someone like Brave Software inc and Starlink to Step in and start making a difference… we need a truly premium gaming environment where the business model will be shifted towards real estate assets based theme with the fusion of traditional insert coin business model. Subscription model can exist but they shouldn’t be the primary one as more profits can be easily seen while using real estate assets theme and this would also eliminate Microtransactions across all areas & will bring back the traditional old school gaming feeling with futuristic graphics and visuals.

We need Games to be as simple like this but with Superior graphics and futuristic game level design which will increase the overall game difficulty ultimately by preserving Logic.

The Whole Project was made with one thing in mind,-> an average person cant spend 60$ to 90$ for each game and there are like 1000+ games already available where it would be impossible for newbies to gain access and play all of them… Subscription models don’t work because the selection of games are Limited and selling the games at 70 to 80% offers would hurt the game studios future projects, so this is why we need a major change in business model and that is what you’ll see in this Skrushnet Project… instead of selling each game product individually and charging people separately for each games, we need to implement fuel station business model and change gaming exactly into the same way of how cars work.

Im posting this because i believe the brave software INC, SpaceX and disney will contribute in establishing something new instead of limiting themselves to what they are already currently doing

Also, Elon Musk is addicted to Achievements... See Storyboards... CTRM

Alright, If you decide to read this post fully, Make sure that you’re viewing this Post on a PC not a phone, Preferably TV(PC connected to TV Via HDMI), bigger the screen, greater your reading experience will be.

First, Let’s talk about the 15 Main Benefits while you follow projects like this…

  1. While following Projects like this, You’ll be able to make money in a Respectful way and increase the Company’s Reputation

You dont need to use Microtransactions while you build an innovative product which uses players talents to make money by having an futuristic Level design.

  1. Ability to Provide TRULY Superior visuals and satisfy the target audience

  1. Cut out the Middlemen whose main intention is only to take up % cut by setting up easy bait of 500$ device to increase Userbase numbers and make publishers to release game on their platforms(and take % cuts and subscription fees)

Similar to Patreon, there should be someone to start the initiative to avoid problems like this... CTRM

  1. With Projects like this, there is NO need to think about competition and the shortcuts which they take

  1. No need to stress and Behave Silly

  1. No need to pointlessly waste Money on Advertising

  1. With these kind of Projects, YOU CAN Grow Without creating Unnecessary HYPE

  1. No need to think about others copying this idea by twisting it and coming up with a cheaper alternatives

  1. With Expensive projects like this which has a production budget of over 100 Billion+, the team will be able to set up superior cloud gaming infrastructure in a quick time

  1. Ability to Provide TRULY Premium Multiplayer and make money in real time without any dependency

  1. Easily Escape the region/geo blocks and also the government bans due to the presence of RATIO System which automatically controls addictive gambling behaviors which otherwise ends up gaining bad reputation for the network.

  1. With this network and project like this, it would be able to obtain licenses for an extended period of time

NO MORE Abandoning series/games

  1. YOU will be able to avoid the comparison issues and the haters aswell

  1. COMPLETELY AVOID being biased as games will fall under NETWORK and won’t be sold as individual products like how they are used to. People will be paying for assets here.

  1. With a team of 68,000+ game developers working on this network, there will be no need to rush in development as there will be plenty of time available for developing without stress as well as for testing

This NETWORK Isn’t fully cloud and it’s not a digital only thing as this network will also support physical HDD tech, so you’ll be able to avoid issues like the below shown issues by not being an ANOTHER streaming service/storefront(Easy for global launch and will also help with launch permissions) Also, this gaming network will integrate Blu-ray network with it where everyone who gets participated in the paid multiplayer and purchases lottery tickets will get free streaming hours for the combo use of Blu-Ray titles and classic AAA Game titles available to stream using Starlink’s free internet feature offer for this network users… the important benefit of this network will be the FREE Starlink Internet while users boot into Starlink OS.

You can also see various different perspective of issues in the below storyboards while you start a network like this… The Good news is that network can defend itself due to the presence of the real estate assets based business model theme.

Imagine the two slots as the Network’s LOGIN Card and Credit/debit card slots where the Starlink PCs will always be connected to the Starlink network and Bank Networks while the users boot into the cloud based Starlink OS.


You can also control piracy to great extent as it won’t be no longer a matter of downloading assets and applying cracks… People will need to acquire Network’s Login cards where the procedure of acquiring login cards from the authorized stores which will make sure that the people have actually acquired this network’s Starlink PCs and HDDs.

The team needs to implement a new tech or issues like this will continue forever as there is no scarcity for Entertainment.

Short time/Quick profit doesn’t apply only to Google but also to all of the Middlemen centric companies… MICROSOFT/sony will only focus on generating profits and won’t work for the goodwill of games

REAL Joy is while you achieve the IMPOSSIBLE


REAL Joy is while you achieve the IMPOSSIBLE, not on fighting with others by doing what they are already doing and showing that you’re at a better level

YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE DEEPER SATISFACTION by competing with others or chasing money

Below video is Shared with timecodes where video should start from 10:17 while you play it… Focus on collaborating and care about the goodness of end product rather than competing by doing what others are already doing…

See the below Storyboards, Spending time in Competing with others is waste of time because someone can replace you but if you focus on invention instead of competition, nobody can replace you and it makes life more meaningful and delivers greater satisfaction

Storyboards is not listed here due to edit but you can see the Benefit 5 image “No need to stress and Behave Silly”

MONEY IS IMPORTANT BUT IT IS MORE IMPORTANT to accomplish something really special (which is considered as IMPOSSIBLE like selling a product to 1.75 Billion users at FULL price).

Focus on Setting Benchmarks and becoming a dream to acquire and not on making the product available everywhere at a cheaper price to increase the user counts and if you think you need more users(like the mobile platform 4 billion+) to make money, think about the way how Supercar makers make money.

Set a Powerful Benchmark and Motivate people to get the Product


TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY where you want the product to be acquired easily by everyone is a waste of time

Part 2/2

The team WILL Fail during the first two years of NETWORK launch but that is the reason why you need to follow real estate assets based business model style which will automatically compensate the failure in the long run as the business model which you follow here will make sure people who are joining the network late will end up paying for everything if they want to earn the owner status or continue to use the network using the insert coin theme which will be implemented in the network.

I may have the idea but it will not be of use without a huge team of developers to implement it, there is no way projects like this to be developed within a range of 5k devs, the project is massive and requires a big team of 60k+ developers and a production budget of 100 billion+ where it becomes crucial that SpaceX, Disney, Brave software INC and other 70+ investment companies as you seen on the Network’s team concept image needs to setup and build the foundation


I’ll try my best to convey the network design, Ecosystem design, Multiplayer and importance of singleplayer games in an easy to understand way of writing…

Let’s start with the Ecosystem design…

Setting powerful Benchmarks on the PC Platforms is highly crucial for projects like this to make the target audience happy.

It is important for this network to be independent

and to follow/Respect old school design

Here is the Network design…

The design might look impossible but it is definitely possible with a big team

Game size should no longer be an issue and thus result in Superior visuals and higher bitrate gaming experience.

Watch the previously shared Arnold real estate video example for reference


Alright, We’ll get into the discussion of Lottery tickets, Royal Challengers & Multiplayer


We’ll quickly move into singleplayer games topic discussion and finish off this topic

As I Said, these above issues can be fixed on this Network using the 4 hour design strategy, some people might complain about it but be alright with that because people won’t be paying for individual games/stories but rather for the Ecosystem assets which gets wrapped up with a single price tag… Either pay up or if they can’t afford, they can gain momentary experience with most of the benefits that the network offers using insert coin theme.

Another issue to STOP worrying, overthinking and not wasting time

NEED a wide variety/range of collection

Short Singleplayer games but with outstanding visuals/details

Focus on forming a team with the group of game developers/studios who cares about identity, Making an impact and Setting Benchmarks.

Videos to Relate

story is important

Another Perspective where some devs will feel guilty about not being part of such an expensive project, this will also boost team strength to good extent where devs will automatically make efforts to join for being a part of very long term project/contract

If you’ve read this far, please make sure to read the project on Google docs on how to raise the production budget funds by making companies to invest for this network growth and being part of it

Note: As an improvement to reduce the cost fact for the end consumer, Expensive HDD tech can be optional where the end user can acquire the base root edition and choose to stream the Rest of the editions assets after a paying specific set of fee decided by the network team. On my Project in Google docs, Initially, I would have said purchasing HDD should be mandatory but then later its been changed to optional… Think of it in this way,-> People who are against digital/streaming tech and wants to own the actual “Physical” Product, much more like people who wants to own a car for themselves instead of relying on taxi, For these group of people, the gateway will be opened to acquire the Physical HDDs wherein otherwise these expansion HDDs (besides the root edition is optional) for people who don’t want physical ownership and wants to live for the moment much like people who are happy using taxi for travelling.

The same improvements has also been made for the people who can’t pay for the Powerful 8k Custom PC variant which will cost 57,849$ followed by the 4k PC Variant 27,849$, 2k PC Variant 11,849$ and 1080p PC Variant 3,949$… People Can Use this network’s 1080p PC Variant and can play the already existing games in 4k while they boot into the Windows OS as the current 4k games don’t demand much power as they use mid range bitrates however if people with 1080p Starlink PC variant boot into Starlink OS which will be cloud based and offers free internet for Starlink PC users, the resolution will be restricted to 1080p where now people will be provided options to acquire RESOLUTION based add-ons which will offer them both momentary and monthly add-on based purchase options for a specific fee to make the end user experience of how gaming on this network in 8k would be(if they actually purchase the 8k pc variant which will Eliminate the need of Purchasing the resolution based add-ons).

These above shown project themes is only a base theme and more sort of setting up a foundation which might essentially have a flaw in it but i hope you can correct it


Part 1/8

Resurrecting Skrushnet Project(Final Attempt)

Finally Someone from an AAA Studio is Waking up ?

I have already seen this news before 21+ days and Wanted to Share my Response as soon as i saw it But the Reason for the delay is because i wanted my response to be as detailed as possible where it will immerse you with Superb Clarity and will take you into Fantastic adventure.

Before we discuss anything further, I just wanted to say that if you have never read any 400+ pages book, DO NOT Attempt to Start reading this as it’s going to be really long and will seriously test your Patience and Attention Span…

Alright, Let’s Get into the topic

As Always, Few of the Acronyms which you should Know

CTRM → Click to Read More

BFC → Bonus For Clarity

FFTS → Feel Free to Skip

Skipping FFTS contents will save you some time, These points are not related with the design & they are just my opinions which I wanted to share Specifically with Brave Team.

Make Sure to View this Project’s images ONLY on PC (Recommended Screen size is 32+ inch and higher, If you are using Laptop, Connect it to TV via HDMI because bigger the screen size is, it will be more easier and Immersive to Read)

The pattern of Reading is Same... CTRM, BFC

The pattern of Reading is Same, Go from Column A to Column B. Click on the Images and it will be opened in Lightbox… Once opened, you should be able to Read it, if something isn’t clearly visible… Download the image and zoom it on Windows photo viewer… If you Still can’t read that Specific area content even after zooming, Chances are those details may have been lost due to compression, But this kind of scenario is very rare to occur… But in case you come across such an issue, I have Left links for my Google Docs from where these Screenshots are taken, you can load up the document and use the Ctrl+F find feature and type in the lines/keywords which are above this affected area.

Why are there way too many Colors used for Fonts ?

Making Someone sit and read 450+ Pages in a single session isn’t easy, While it’s common that everyone might feel not Alright initially, People who intend to Read everything will eventually find the colors useful and easier to read… Read a few pages, You’ll Get used to it. Activate Black theme(Brave dark theme on this community) for Improved Immersion and Immersive Reading Experience. As I’ve said, Experience will be Good only if you watch on 32+ inch or higher displays with all of the images being opened in Lightbox 1st, Click the Image to open it in Lightbox and then start reading.

Let’s Start!

Since it's Going to be 400+ pages worthy content....CTRM, BFC

Since it’s Going to be 400+ pages worthy content… Instead of me Handling everything Singlehandedly, I have decided to follow an interactive case study approach with a lot of Entertainment… This means that there will be a lot of user reviews, comments, memes, videos, GIFs, storyboards, news, articles, etc… Most of the videos will be hosted on Loom, small size videos will be uploaded here directly on discourse and Intermediary size videos will be uploaded to Youtube.

If you’re unable to Read Something from an image, Either Try Increasing the backlight/brightness or reduce them if needed in certain use cases.

Also For Loom Hosted videos, For Most of the Videos, I would have purposefully increased the Video length to 3 to 5 minutes where the Gifs would already be finished their loop counts, This has been done specifically because for most of the videos, There will be Multiple GIFs playing, Increasing the Video Length will allow you to watch all GIF contents one by one without having to play the video all over again. Also, Since you will be Reading a lot on this Project, I thought it would be Nice to Give your brain a break here and there for 2 to 3 minutes Whenever it’s Possible so you will Feel Refreshed.

The Revamped Project which you are about to see is more detailed...CTRM, FFTS

The Revamped Project which you are about to see is more detailed than what has been posted earlier… There are like ~270 to ~275+ images/gif which is higher than the previous 2 parts. In addition, there will also be 60+ videos added along with these images…

I’m not familiar with how Powerful discourse really is to handle such large amount of contents, especially while considering the fact there are More than 150+ images already uploaded in the First 2 parts…

As i said, In addition to the images, There are also 60+ videos So instead of uploading them all at once, I have decided to divide the contents into 8 parts (part1/8, Part 2/8…etc) with the addition of 35 to 50+ images/videos for Each Part.

I like to Keep all in one place as much as possible, that’s why I haven’t opened a new topic for this update… I will post each part and will wait for a few minutes to see how the discourse server is reacting to the Load…. If Everything seems to be normal and all contents Gets Loaded without issue, I Will Continue to Post the Remaining parts on this same topic itself But if in case, If i start to notice discourse seems to Struggle in handling the Load, i will open a separate FUP Follow up topic where the remaining parts will be uploaded on that topic… Hopefully Everything Gets updated here on this same topic itself.

There won’t be much new updates to the aspect of News/Memes because I stopped checking them… Also the twitter/X suspended my account for claiming I’m a bot and inactivity… I usually don’t post tweets/comments or engage with anything else more often, I used that site for observing news and more specifically collecting some contents for this Project’s use case…And this behavior of Staying inactive makes twitter think i am not human and a bot account ? idk, so there won’t be new updates for tweets or Elon Related news aswell(as i completely stopped checking them, not a huge fan of twitter to create a 2nd account as i rarely use it).

Most of the contents which are shared here will be old BUT they are still very Relevant to this Futuristic Project. I have Compiled all of the Existing Resources which i have and Presented in the Best way i possibly can.

The Original Project is 4,800+ pages Long…

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Keep in mind, Loading Each of this Google Docs link is equivalent... CTRM, BFC

Keep in mind, Loading Each of these Google Docs links is Equivalent to Running a Stress test on your CPU… These Pages are Super heavy, So Load them only if you have Powerful CPU, 16 GB+ RAM and are Not in Limited Internet Bandwidth Connection.

This is with Google Docs offline Extension fully downloaded all of the Content…

This Should Give you an idea of how heavy these three documents are…

If you still decide to load, Make sure to Read the Page setup instructions found in top of Part 1/3(on Google Docs)… Even on this Community, Increase your Browser’s Zoom for Improved Immersion.

Full Project Walkthrough Can be Seen here

Watch Most of the Short Videos with Sound... CTRM, BFC

Watch Most of the Short videos which are shown in GIF with Audio

Car videos with Sound, This Below RAR file will also include most of the Short videos in the above link(But Not all of them)

Activate Black Mode with this Extension for this Project's use... CTRM, BFC

Activate Black Mode with this Extension for this Project’s use case on Google Docs to Improve your viewing immersion ultimately… This is the only chrome extension which I know where it helps while viewing Google Docs in Read Mode(with Black theme activated) ->> doesn’t affect the highlighted texts or Font colors… It Certainly has issues with Google Docs color palette menu but that should be a concern only during edit/write mode…

Since you are only going to read now, this should do the job effectively… I tried other dark extensions but they display wrong colors for the “highlighted text colors”… This Global dark style extension doesn’t affect the document’s highlighted text colors as it only activates Black Mode(where it turns off those white lights on all webpages which i really love about this extension,…) and also on other websites, it may dim the images but while you hover and focus on the image, you can see all the effects.

The Below Revamped Project which i will share here on this community is a Modified version of the old project with Newly updated Strategies… The Changes which are made here to the Strategies are not updated on the Google Docs as doing that and correcting 4,800+ pages accordingly to the new changes will take months of work So i haven’t changed it there. This is also the case for Screenshots which you will see here on this new update, Some may not have been updated(May look like its outdated). But Beware that it is not accidental, it was intentional… The above Google Docs Links should be seen as an Experimental project, while it may necessarily have way too much information, The NEW update which will be added here is a more Matured version for the previous project… You may use the Google Docs Links for cross Referencing to See Previous design But as for the Strategical Plan, this new updated design is the Best to follow.

I’ll admit, My old plan wasn’t Good because I expected way too much futurism and wanting to use Custom PC/External HDD exclusivity is way more complex to Get it Right for almost any company to Execute it without issues and also avoiding that previous plan will save a lot of Production costs…

So I have made a Lot of Changes to the Project where the Noticeable changes are Showing Favoritism to the Cloud Gaming, Eliminating HDD tech and Still trying to stay with Custom PC Exclusivity. This is the Last time i will ever modify it and the Plans/Strategies are presented in the Best way i Possibly could(where there won’t be a need for me to update it again, Even if 20 years gets passed, a Game like this won’t exist(if it weren’t for 68,000+ devs coming forward to work together and the Project has an Production Cost of 107 Billion US $$$)).

I Will Show you a PROVEN Strategy of how a AAA+ game driven Private Network like this Skrushnet Could Generate 1 Trillion to 2 Trillion$(1 Trillion → Guaranteed if a network like this became a reality where the Goal will be reached within 9 years, 2 Trillion → Extraordinary Execution, 14 years)

What’s added in this New Update ?

  • Major Changes to the Ecosystem Design
  • Ecosystem Recap
  • Full Discussion of Multiplayer
  • Full Discussion of Skrush Events
  • Full Discussion of Betting Tickets and Lottery
  • Full Discussion of How People can Make this Network as a Career for their Living
  • Full Discussion of Royal Challengers
  • Full Discussion of Quick Cash
  • Full Discussion of Donut Racing
  • Full Discussion of Cricket AAA Game Concept, Fully Licensed
  • Full Discussion of Skrush Mode
  • Full Discussion of Local Store Businesses
  • Full Discussion of Time Qualifiers
  • Full Discussion of Insert Coin theme
  • Full Discussion of Effective Time Management Scheduling For Royal Challengers
  • Full Discussion of Freelancing Integration
  • Full Discussion of Blu-Ray Network Integration
  • Full Discussion of How to Raise 107 Billion US $$$ wisely
  • Full Discussion of How to Build a Team of 68,000+ Game Developers
  • Full Discussion of Cinematics Singleplayer Games ( 3 hours 15 minutes to 4 hours games)
  • Full Discussion of Cruise Game
  • Full Discussion of Cruise with AI
  • Full Discussion of 17+ Sources of Income
Also wanted to Inform that The Read Formatting has been improved.. CTRM, FFTS

Also wanted to Inform that The Read Formatting has been improved… Previously on the Earlier parts which I posted on May 11 may have 4 or even 5 different columns but this is because I wasn’t sure how many images this community could handle so I wanted to keep the images count as low as possible. But After Seeing how discourse handled this post effectively, I have decided to give more prioritization and preference for formatting rather than trying to achieve the lowest images count…Forgive me If i am taking too much Bandwidth/space of your traffic/storage BUT Be assured that i will keep Everything valuable and more Entertaining for you. I Can Guarantee you that you will learn a few things from this Adventure.

What Made me Decide to Settle with Cloud Gaming ?

Open the image in Lightbox, Download and Zoom if needed(as it has 3 Columns…)

Since this Private Network will be Fully Powered by Starlink and Follow “Starlink IP addresses only” kind of Exclusivity, I thinks it’s wiser to work on innovating the Cloud Gaming.

After a Lot of Brainstorming Sessions, I have decided to take the Route of Cloud Gaming and alongside with that, Also innovate the Custom PC Exclusivity More creatively. In addition, i also think it’s much wiser to avoid the EXTERNAL HDD tech which i said earlier and completely REMOVE giving the Physical/Digital ownership of the “Game Assets” Data to the End Consumer(Gamers)

Why ? Because At First, Completely Removing Physical media like HDD tech and avoiding maintaining a Digital Storefront like the Existing Launchers Based Storefronts will save a lot of Money in Production. It also will improve the Security of the Game Assets… For Most of the Games which are cloud based, The publishers behind it also release a “Digital” version of the game for all of the Launchers based storefronts which Gives Hackers a chance to Crack the Game… But if we completely Block giving access to the End Consumers by not making it available for download/seen/sale, Game Assets will be much more secure as only the developers of this network will have Access to the “Game Assets” Data…

Next, We could use the saved money(of eliminated External HDD tech, Digital Storefront Maintenance) to Pay 3x more to each and every individual developer which will increase the Developers Team Strength and Motivate a Large Number of Developers to become a part of this Private Network.

It’s Super Easy to Make a Customer Come towards us(Make an Awesome Game, People will Come) But it’s very hard to assemble a team of 68,000+ devs and make them work on a Single Project… So it’s wiser to invest the Money on Developers who will be the main reason for the Creation of this Network Rather than investing it for the End Consumer’s “TEMPORARY” happiness… It’s not like all of these Gamers who complain about ownership will take the game with themselves while they die… All they would need is access to play and Enjoy the game… To Cater to this need, We could do it very effectively by Innovating the Cloud Gaming so much to a point where the End consumer Forgets about the regret of not having “physical/digital” access to the Game which they Love.

The Main Reason Why some Gamers are not Willing to invest money on cloud gaming or Digital Games in General is due to Lack of Trust and Lack of Confidence which they feel behind a Certain Studio and all these Money obsessed Middleman Centric Companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, Netflix, Nintendo, Apple, Meta, Valve, Epic…etc

Some of the Below Comments may feel like Hate Speech, But it’s truly not, I will try to be as much as Less offensive as i possibly can…

Watch this video and Gain the understanding of this topic's theme... CTRM, FFTS

Watch this video and Gain the understanding of this topic’s theme, I only want everyone to improve and Grow together… If you’re a Fan of some company and some of my opinions offended you, Don’t take it personally, It wasn’t my intention, Be the type of person who will also stand up against almost anyone in the world if they are doing something wrong even if they were your family or parents. Every time you forgive, they will continue to Lazy around and not Innovate.

A Good example would be…

Most of these Companies just wants to “Live for the Moment” and as long as the money comes by, they seem to be happy with it… There’s Nothing which feels like they want to accomplish something really special and take the initiative to work on a “Long Term Project” with a very Strong Vision… This is Certainly the Case more Specifically with Microsoft and Sony where their MAIN INTENTION is to set up a Easy Bait of 500$ Console, Increase the userbase count Quickly with this Strategy and much more focused on taking 30% cut of Game sales, 30% cut of Microtransactions of free Games, Multiplayer Subscription and the Cloud Gaming Subscription fees… It Feels like that’s all they ever wanna do and as long as the Money keeps coming in, they are Just Happy with it.

They Really dont see the shame behind Microtransactions and the Racist Pay to Win design aspects implemented in most of the games where they allow Filthy Rich Casuals to flex and dominate on the Non-Paying users(where these casuals Easily Getaway with the Reward of being pro/winner… )

I Mean why would these Middlemen Centric Companies will take the Initiative to stop the Microtransactions trend while it has became increasingly easier to enjoy the 30% Cut of the Microtransactions of each and individual games which are getting upload to their storefronts even without investing money in production of those individual games… Right? Safe play… As long as they have the userbase count and have their Strong Middlemen Centric Storefronts like the PlayStation store, Xbox Store, Google Play Store…etc, Those companies certainly have that arrogance and Feel like they can assert their dominance over anyone that gets in the way(Just because of their userbase/Platform Strength and being well aware of the fact that there is Literally NO External Forces is out there to help out the Game developers/Studios)

It may Feel like I’m Alienating Microsoft and the Rest of the Middlemen Centric Companies but the truth is i’m not alienating Microsoft, I’m completely fine and in fact would be more happy if Microsoft and the rest of these filthy Rich Middlemen Centric Companies also becomes a part of the this Network and chooses to Work on “Something New”… The Problem as i see it is that Microsoft and most of the Middlemen Centric Companies is currently not motivated, Uninspired, lacking courage, Too Scared to do anything New and Biggest issues is NO LONG TERM VISION. As Long as the Money is Coming through % cuts of 3rd party Game Sales, 3rd Party Game’s Microtransaction cuts, Multiplayer/Cloud Gaming Subscription Fees… they seem to be just happy with that.

Giving away Games for Free, Selling at 80%+ offers, increasing the userbase.. CTRM, BFC

Giving away games for free, Selling at 80%+ offers, increasing the userbase count through this Strategy and much more focused on taking % cuts and Subscription Fees literally Giving me the feeling like they Just want to Run taxi business and Will show No desire to Establish Something like a Supercar Manufacturer(Equivalent Standards/Worthy Product/Treating the Project while they work with Respect/Prioritizing Setting Benchmarks to be something More important than Sales count or Popularity)

Taxi Businesses all over the Globe combined Makes Far more money than Supercar Manufacturers, So Are you Going to tell me People who are running taxi businesses earns more Respect than someone who works as a Supercar Manufacturer ? The Analogy which needs to Grasped Properly here is that “Earning Money in a Respectful Money is Much more Important”… There is also a Quote Relating to this… How you Make Money is more important than how much you make… Most of these Middlemen Centric Companies don’t care about seeing this as an issue “Lack of Respect”.

This is the Reason Why i worked on a Project Like this and Aiming for a Group of Companies who don’t have much Relations with Gaming to Start Taking over and fixing Most of the issues that these Middlemen Centric Companies Failed to Resolve…

Do Something Good with Purpose, It will Certainly Give you Huge Boost in Satisfaction.

The Following Set of Storyboards will help you Gain More Clarity…


Fixing a Hard Problem will deliver Huge Satisfaction, If you accept with what i just said, Please Be willing to come forward to Innovate… As far as the Brave Browser is concerned, it’s already Super Perfect, Stable… You’ve Got most of the important features already up and running with now it only needs maintenance which a small part of a brave team could manage it Efficiently. However others, please be willing to come forward to Innovate and to Work on Something New which will Gain you Experience… Because as a company who has been there like for 5+ years, At some point in time as the years gets passed by, You should feel the need to Expand your business and presence to other areas aswell(instead of just limiting your position and potential to a Browser) and i Guess this is the Right opportunity and field for Brave Software, Inc. as the Cloud Gaming’s major backend work happens in a browser for the end user(After the Server, the Browser is crucial)…

Even for the Previous method, It included External HDD tech which included various complex techniques to get it right on the Starlink OS to make the customer Play the Network’s Contents Locally… And Since the New updated Strategy has been Fully moved to Cloud, You are more Relevant and Got More Responsibility Now as Networking Engineers, Cloud Browser Backend and as Security Team…

As Your Company Name Says, Be Brave and Work on Projects like this and i will help you how you can effectively avoid almost anyone who gets in the way and attempts to hinders the Network’s Growth Process by following these Specific Strategies.

Starlink OS can be Linux based which is being built Exclusively for this Network’s use and Strives Hard for Automation Excellence… Visualize it in this way, Starlink PCs will have dual power buttons, 500GB 7200 RPM HDD (for this Network’s use as we are fully Cloud Based and want users to experience 8+ years of long term reliability without having to replace anything like SSD use cases) and SSD for other operating system which users would like to have installed. The BIOS update will be Configured in a way where if a user presses this Network’s logo as a power button, the BIOS will choose to boot from THE Network’s shadow drive(HDD) where the Starlink OS will be booted up and if a user presses “Basic Power Button”, then the BIOS will choose to Boot from SSD if that’s what user has preferred which in turn will boot Windows OS or other operating system which a user has installed on their Starlink PC. While People Boot into Starlink OS, they will Receive Free Internet but the Same Free internet offer won’t be offered for windows OS use case → If people wanted to use Starlink for Windows OS use case, they need to purchase a subscription separately.

What is Shadow drive ? Shadow drives are HDD which are Locked... CTRM, BFC

What is Shadow drive ? Shadow drives are HDD which are Locked inside the Starlink PCs for Protecting the OS files, While it will have digital encryption, the Physical HDD will also be designed in a way where the users won’t be able to Remove the HDD from Starlink PC case by using a Glue based tech ->> which would result in a scenario like users could possibly/technically remove the drive from the Starlink PC Case but they will end up being heavily damaged(Platter)…

Also, While People Boot into Windows OS, this Network’s Shadow drive won’t be discovered in Disk Management or any partition based softwares as the BIOS of Starlink PC’s Motherboards and CPUs for Starlink PCs will be Specifically Engineered in a way to not distribute POWER to this Network’s Shadow drive while they boot into other operating systems and will be powered only while they boot into Starlink OS. All Starlink PCs will come up with Nvidia RTX 5070, RTX 5080 or Nvidia RTX 5090… People will take advantage of this power for their Existing Games use case… However For this Network’s use case, they won’t be utilized much as we are fully cloud based… The Fact Why we will power Starlink PCs with top higher end hardwares is to give them Total package which they would love… Main reason why Starlink PCs will exist is because for the Login card tech, Bank tech, Free Starlink internet, Bringing new security innovation in hardware based protection…etc

Unlike Older Games which allowed users to Create an account for them by themselves, People won’t(Shouldn’t) be able to do that on this network… For this Network’s account creation process, It should be treated in the same way as Bank account creation Process… People Need to acquire a Login card and Bind their Bank account to that Specific Custom PC which they own so Starlink PCs will deduct Payments only when that Specific Bank Card is used. Try to be Premium and Make Starlink PCs to be more Futuristic… Users should really feel like they are entering a Superior Private Network…


Two Card Reader Slots, One is for Login Card and another one is for Bank Card… The Custom PC account Binding technology will strengthen the Security of this Network. The Only way People Can Access the Network is by Getting Starlink PCs or By Getting a Specialized Intermediary Device which are made for the Smart TVs use cases by this Network’s team whereby acquiring that 150$ to 200$ device and wall mounting it near their TV, people can Gain access into the Network via Samsung Tizen OS, LG web OS…etc

Even this initiative of allowing Smart TVs to connect to this network is to Not create a whole world of depression for Middle Class Users… Besides these two areas, all other places such as Consoles Networks, Mobile Networks, Windows 0S and all other Platforms, Access will not be Given. The Reason why we will have Login cards and Bank accounts being binded with Custom PC is to Prevent clones of Emulators from Rising…

Think like a Hacker, Imagine it in a way... CTRM, FFTS

Think like a Hacker, Imagine it in a way where a network like this indeed has been launched and stubborn windows users trying to find various ways to gain access into the network and after several attempts of failures, they are seeking the help of top rated hacker to do something to overcome the issue… and Now you’re that top Rated Hacker now… How will your brain work and react to this issue to provide a solution for people ? Find out what are the possible loopholes a hacker can exploit and abuse… make a List of it and close all of the Backdoors aggressively… Don’t care about Reputation like you start getting scared of what others will think if we end up doing this ? Just do whatever you can by using the Physical hardware based security tech such as login cards, bank cards and dedicated special devices for Smart TVs.

The Smart TV’s intermediary device of this network is where it also serves as router for Starlink(which users must install on their home) and will have Login card/Bank card reader slots and HDMI port for the tv to get paired with the device… While you work on Billion Dollar Projects like this, Make sure to Give more importance to security… Don’t worry about others opinions, be aggressive, and make the Network Secure(Treat this Network like a Bank Network).

This Whole Project aswell as the Ecosystem design is Powered by 5 powerful Psychological concepts → Old School Psychology, Reverse Psychology, Hypnotism techniques, Placebo effects and Persuasive Psychology.

Taking power away from the Powerful, In this case, it would be the consumers/end users… Making Money or Generating a large userbase isn’t the hardest part but what really hard is working on newer business model styles and Bringing it to life…

We really need a Brand New AAA++ Elite Network with Old School design and bringing Major innovation on Monetization of Multiplayer, Paid Events and Clever integration of Real Estate Assets based Business model alongside with it…

In the Next image, You will see 2 different kinds of Major Gaming Styles…

With the advantage of Going 100% Fully Cloud Gaming based Network, We will deliver Graphics far ahead of Current time by removing the cartoony looks, Preserving the old School’s 90s Game Style and be known for Delivering Maximum Fear and Maximum Adrenaline… While People think about this Network, the number 1 thing which should Come Across their Mind is Fear and the Power of Adrenaline Rush this AAA++ Private Network is capable of delivering…

And in order to achieve this Goal, It’s not necessary that a studio needs to rig the game or do anything else Shady like most of the Microtransactions fueled games(which are doing for the last few years)… All you need to do is work on Getting the Level design Right and Innovate it Greatly Because while you do this, there wont be a need to rig or waste several hours training AI as the Game’s psychological Level design barrier will contribute in serving as difficulty and the Game ends up feeling very natural for the End users who play Multiplayer.

If you are able to deliver fear or make a player nervous before their match, chances are most of the time that player will not win the match as they lost their focus before the starting of a match … Similarly, you can bring that fear into the game while you innovate the level design and that’s what this Network will be Excelling at… There is a reason why i have chosen the name SkrushNet, Skrush , Its SKull cRUSH… Meaning, This Network is capable of delivering Skull Crushing Adrenaline Rush.

There Seem to be 32k+ character limit per reply so Part 1 will continue on Next Reply.

Most of the Modern Games Which i have seen in the last few years are wasting their precious development time like crazy on the Side quests, Unnecessary Objectives, Character Editors, Skin packs, Going overboard on upgrades, Allowing users to Enter Each and Every building, interacting with almost all of the NPCs, creating unwanted stores and so much more focus going on to these things and they work on pointlessly aiming for Stimulating the Real world behavior as it is for the most part which i see it as a bad decision from the development and production point of view…

Because while a studio is investing so much of their valuable time onto these above said things, they are also missing out on trying something new which could help them bring so much profits … If most of the studios keep doing the same things over and again, they are not going to generate much… Maybe 5 or 6 billion extra per year but that should be it… and if they are going at this rate…it will take them atleast 35+ years to reach 1 trillion Goal whereas trying out new styles could help them reach the 1 Trillion Goal within 9 years of timeframe.

A Project like this has been a dream for me for many years and i think it would be hard to make it a reality without a Huge team 68,000+ Game developers working together with Production Cost of 107 Billion US $$$ and that’s why it’s essential that you come forward to make efforts to setup a luxurious private network like this Skrushnet instead of going after the Middlemen whose only intention is to take that % cuts and Subscription Fees…

There is no way a magical AAA game could come to life without a huge production and excessively large number of developers working hard behind it with a Proper Real Estate Assets Based Strategical Business Model Plan. This Statement is especially true while most of the Studios Shows favoritism for 500$ to 600$ devices and develop the game accordingly to run on those devices and being more focused on seeing a quick Profit without having any kind of Long Term Vision or Plan/Strategy… So Instead of Pointlessly wasting time on Competition, Be willing to come forward and work on newer business models.

I will Prove you Why Competing with others is a waste of time…

Competitor → More Chances of Losing at Some point in time.
Inventor → Winner Forever

If Something is Non-Existent and you know very well that you are the first one to try it then you should do it by figuring out how you could Get it done… Just Look at what all these Middlemen Centric Companies have Failed and make sure to come up with a fix because if someone succeeds at fixing something which other companies failed over and over again, it won’t be called as Luck because what you achieved is real innovation and while you work on this kind of Advanced Private Network which Strives so hard to Automate Everything, You’ll End up Inventing a Lot…

Please dont waste your time by trying to 1up others, It will give you temporary Happiness But You’ll be running a Never Ending Race. So have a Long term Vision where the vision sets you up to be an Inventor and not a Competitor(as you’ll be just doing what others are doing and will make your entire company’s Existence to be “Just another”)… Just Look at the last image “However, Just Because it’s popular that doesn’t mean…” This will also be a Problem for any company/project/product if there is no Strong Strategy and fails to take care of being unique…

A Good Example would be…

Most Companies don’t have any guilt and it wouldn’t be hard for them to twist this Network’s business model and come up with something else which does exactly what this Network would be doing… So In order to Avoid such a Situation where you will be going on a race with someone else on seeing who is “Number one”, Start focusing and Be willing to do what it takes on how you can become “Only one”

The Project Which You’re about to work must be so Powerful in a way where it literally will make every company Feel it’s much wiser to Collaborate and not worthy to compete… and this is why you need to work on as a Huge team where other companies starts seeing it as privilege for working together with this Network’s team and wouldn’t feel the need to compete by making a clone…

Also, By Starting it first by teaming up with Disney, Warner Bros, Universal.. CTRM, FFTS

Also, By Starting it first with by teaming up with Disney, Warner Bros, Universal…etc, You’ll have Licensing Exclusivity for Blu-Ray Network use case where these top tier movie based companies became partial owners of this Private Network So that in a way if Some Middlemen Centric Companies attempts to make a clone of this Network by twisting this Network’s model and coming up with something else, they would know they will be missing out on Licensing and decide its Not worth the effort to make a clone…

It’s important to make these Movie based companies as partial owners of this network and not treating them like as a middleman or 3rd party company where this Network’s team pays them X amount of Money to get Streaming permission and pays them streaming revenue…etc… Rather you need to make the vision/Strategy/Business model so big in a way that these movies based companies agrees to become partial owners of this network and is willing to invest the production cost where they will end up NOT ONLY seeing their investments returning back to them (as in the form of passive income that’s being generated by this Network and credited back to them) BUT ALSO will start showing excessive love and care to this network by investing more and staying loyal to this network where this move will preserve the Licensing Exclusivity for this Network’s use case.

While Licensing Exclusivity can Help to some Good Extent, To Make sure this Network will succeed regardless of others taking shortcuts(Giving Games for Free, 80%+ offers, Limited Time Free), it’s very important to integrate Real Estate Assets based Business Model theme into the Network… This video will Give you More Clarity on what i’m talking about…

As Long as Starlink/Elon Musk shows interest, A space internet driven Exclusive private AAA Network will Surely Become a Reality…

Elon Musk Has made it CLEAR that he Excessively cares about Achievements, This Next video Should Prove it

Conquering various different industries and actively wants to try “Good things”…

Gaming Should be Next, Right ? Putting Starlink tech to Good use… I mean while people will continue to keep using their ISP for their Windows OS use case, Wouldn’t it be more proud to Starlink to Generate 2 billion+ daily active users using Starlink OS/Starlink Connections just to access the Network(as this Network will follow Starlink IPs only kind of Exclusivity for Improved Security and Stability)?

I’m pretty Sure Starlink Team will agree to work on this Network as long as they have this same Mentality


This Single Video Motivated me to try this Project, Hopefully Starlink team chooses to be more than just a Satellite based Internet service provider…

Alright, I feel like I have Given more than enough Introduction, Let’s start Getting into the Ecosystem design discussion…

Before we start, I just wanted to make sure that you are NOT stuck with the sympathy trap which Middlemen centric companies has set… If you are still feeling sympathy for Middlemen Centric Companies(who are continuously holding back innovation) and feeling hesitant…Here’s my Question which i want to ask to you…

Only Continue to Read the Rest of the Project if your answer is also I’m IN!

And on the GIF, “WE” Refers to 68,000+ developers, 75+ Investment companies with the Production cost of 107 Billion US $$$

As i have said, I’m not alienating Middlemen Centric Companies, I’m just being Realistic because Most of the Middlemen Centric Companies doesn’t have any desires to set Powerful Benchmarks(uninspired), Really doesn’t care about Respect, Achievements, Pride, Being Absolute Best, Best-in-Class etc… As long as the money is coming in, they would be just happy and Wanting to have Companies with that Mindset alongside with you will Prevent Something amazing from happening, that’s for sure.

Let’s Quickly Get into the Ecosystem Design…

Since the External HDD tech is Eliminated, wherever the word “Editions” takes place in the screenshots, you need to replace it with “Assets”… For Example the updated design should be Root Assets, Bloom Assets, Blossom Assets (No need to use Exhilarate assets, Skip that one and Go straight to collector’s Edition…) and Instead of using Collector’s Edition Expansion Drive 1, it’s much wiser to change that as Collector’s Assets Sector Level 1, Level 2…etc

For Each Assets based release update, there should be a development timeframe of 8 months, 68,000+ devs working together should accelerate the development process as the huge team benefit will intelligently allow developers to divide the task and get things done soon with lower stress levels and higher Focus Levels on Each Individual developer…

The Right order of Releases should be

Root Assets
Bloom Assets
Blossom Assets
Collector’s Assets Sector Level 1
Collector’s Assets Sector Level 2
Collector’s Assets Sector Level 3
Collector’s Assets Sector Level 4
Collector’s Assets Sector Level 5
Collector’s Assets Sector Level 6
Collector’s Assets Sector Level 7
Collector’s Assets Sector Level 8
(Each of these Releases Should have a development timeframe of 8 months)

Hope you’re Grasping the Concept… If you’re having some questions which you Feel like I have missed out or Remains unanswered, Be assured that every single topic(Answers for your Questions) will be covered with Attention to Detail while you reach the End of Part 8/8…

Since the Network will now Fully be Cloud based and the End consumer won’t be given access to both physical Access of Game Files(DVD/Blu-Ray/HDD/SSD) or digital, the developers could work peacefully as it strengthens the Game Protection and also Reduces development stress to some Good extent as there are lesser things to Manage and Maintain(No need to develop and Maintain code to run for consoles and several other platforms)

Since, It is fully cloud based and the access is limited to Starlink PCs and Smart TVs, Developers can work faster and Get things done More Quickly.

From Now on, Most of the discussion will be moved to Project’s Screenshots, Please Pay Attention and Read Carefully…

The Next Google Docs Screenshot doesn’t have the update which i said, I mean Like I’ve said earlier, you need to manually apply the word “Assets” in the places of “Editions”. Release dates were also concept so that may feel like it’s not updated… Also, Read accordingly knowing that the External HDD tech has been Eliminated where we will use that saved money of NOT Supplying the distribution of Game Assets as in the form of Either both the Physical (DVD/Blu-Ray/HDD/SSD) or Digital(Digital Storefronts/Launchers/digital files and servers maintenance) to Pay it for 3x for each individual developers… Because it’s easy to generate a Large userbase of gamers but not so easy to build a huge team of 68k+ devs and make them all work together for a Single Project… Also in the upcoming screenshots of this Project, Aggressively apply the Cloud based concept aswell because this Network will be Fully 100% Cloud from now on.

While You Work on this Network where there will be 68,000+ devs working together…

The New Strategical updated of Going 100% Fully Cloud will Give this Network’s team even more flexibility as the team doesn’t have to keep track of the constantly “Increasing Game Size”… I will resume the discussion

Unlike current open world Games where the developers draw a small circle of 2 or 3 countries and constantly running around it, this Network’s team of 68k+ devs needs to build the Entire world in a Lively manner within a period of 11 years from the time the Network has been Launched…

The above Gif ... CTRM, BFC

The above Gif is only shown for Reference, It only has few countries covered, the message which i want to share is like this one, all countries should be made available on this Network’s Singleplayer Game “Cruise”.

Just Release 3 countries during the 1st Release of Root Assets because as i said earlier, the Network’s Growth will be slow during the 1st Few years from the time the Network has been Launched so there is no point in stressing out to give so much to the end users in the beginning of Launch itself … The team can Gradually can add more countries as more Collectors Assets Sector Levels are updated, Hope you are Grasping the Concept…

Make the world to be Super Live with Lots of NPCs and vehicles, shops, buildings, skyscrapers, Bridges…etc But don’t allow the end user to leave the vehicle on the Singleplayer Game “Cruise” where the Entire World will be made available to Explore. The only time the Game character which they play will leave the vehicles are cinematics activated moments like Need for Speed The Run 2011 and Need For Speed 2015. For this Network’s use case, it would be whenever the Integration of “Cruise with AI” concepts are taking place(we will discuss this later)

Why? Because I think its Pointless way to waste Game development’s time as training NPC, Creating dialogues, side quests, tasks, interaction with all buildings achieves nothing for the end user… I Personally Feel any gamer would be happy if More countries and More new places were made available to Explore Rather than creating a small country and trying to stimulate the real world experience as it is on that Specific 1 country… Another thing to note is that, This Skrushnet will be a Billion dollar Private Sports Network and Cruise would be Just a Bonus Game which will be made available to the End user(One amongst other 15 Singleplayer Arcade Games)…

So Creating a 100% Real Life stimulation for Cruise like the other open world games consumes way too much of the Precious Game development time which will be already very Limited for this Network’s team of developers and in addition, it will also consume a lot of production money which has been allocated for this Network where if it wasn’t for the developers pointlessly wasting money to create that stimulation, the team could use that saved money to invest on production on sports based games which could be utilized for motion capture tech of real sports players to pay for them and also for all kinds of Licensing Fees.

The team could obviously stimulate the real world stimulation experience as it is but it’s pointless as the team would be just wasting time just to show they are on the same level or better level than someone who is already doing ONLY Massive open world and attempting to stimulate everything as it is… Please show some maturity and do not draw a small circle and keep Running around it, Rather draw many circles and start connecting them(circle Refers to countries here)

Just Follow this plan (Make the world Live with lots of building, traffic, NPCs…etc but dont let the end user to leave the vehicles… The only time where the Game Character which they play will leave the vehicle are cinematics activated moments…) and Make Sure to Present that dreamy Fictional World Beautifully…


Also Improving the Graphics with Higher Bitrate Gaming Like i said earlier in the 1st two parts(see the 1st two replies which is posted on May 11, 2023… i would have said how even the lowest 1080p resolution should feel like Blu-Ray with 38mbps), No Compression, No Color Reduction, Balanced Sense of Speed where the user should feel like they are driving and not feel like they are Racing alone, Improving Driving Physics, Improving Car Interior Sounds and Mainly Improve the Atmosphere and Lighting…

Doing all of this will improve the situation… Some users will still complain like why the game experience is not like xyz… But just ignore them because the Network isn’t investing billions of dollars to create a stimulation which people would expect But Rather its to innovate Multiplayer and Make this Network as Career for Many users where they could Make Money in Real Time Without any kind of Dependencies.

Part 2/8

Let’s Get back into the Ecosystem design

Remakes and Remasters will be done for this Network and there won’t be anymore Games Which will be “Short Lived”… Starting a Network like this will avoid the EA and ubisoft images(Similar issues)

I Made the Car Manufacturers Group Logo, it doesn’t have all of them but the Network’s Game should have all of them and Make them Readily available for all users as people would be paying for time and also this Network’s Multiplayer is so different from other Games… People’s time should Go onto playing and genuinely Enjoying the Gameplay Not on Pointlessly wasting time on Grinding…

This Network Should Create Showrooms/Museums for Most of the Car Manufacturers… and Since the End user isn’t allowed to leave the vehicle, the Team will work on Cruise with AI concept where it should be like AI asking which car would you like to try? User chooses the car and Cinematics starts to get played like NFS the Run…

Think of it in this way, the Game Character Which we play... CTRM, BFC

Think of it in this way, the Game Character Which we play is the REAL AI and the Game world should be set up in a way where it takes a Gamer’s “soul” travel into the in-game world and mix into the body of in game character which they will play(where it would be the AI in this case)…its more like that venom movie, So once a gamer’s soul get fully fused with the in-game character’s which they Play(AI), it’s now the AI’s Body which has gamer’s soul inside it will take the gamer for a wide range of New Adventure, Interacting with them with Real conversation and Letting the user to discover its magical AI world where cinematic activated moments will get activated more often… This is how the Lively open world experience should be(where it gives proper fun but doesn’t goes overboard on everything and attempts to create a stimulation… ) You will Gain More clarity while you read more on this projects’s images…

Alright, Let’s Quickly Get into the Discussion of Cricket, Skrush Mode and Donut Racing…

Read the text on the video

This Network will only have Joystick support… No keyboard for co-op as shown in the above image(this is mainly done for the new Gameplay which i said in the above image and also it improve’s Network’s Security and Uniqueness)

It’s time to Discuss about Donut Racing

4.7 km*

Let’s Get into the Discussion of Multiplayer…


Influential Slot tickets is where Gamers who are confident about their abilities can participate directly in the Skrush Event’s finals by paying 30$ to win the Event Price of 130$(if they manage to win the match)… If for the other players it costs 1$ to play in the Skrush Event, for the user who wants to Gain the Influential Slot Position Must Pay 30$ to get it… You’ll Gain More Clarity as you continue to Read More on this Project…

On the Actual Project design which i have shared on the Google Docs, I would have only added the plan for Betting Matches which takes place inside the Network’s Games BUT The team can also INCLUDE REAL LIFE SPORTS GAMES BETTING and Integrate those Real Life Sports Matches with this Network and Facilitate the planned rewards accordingly for this Network’s users… Also, Keep in mind that the Betting tickets can be acquired by this Network’s users only if they have paid for all of the Assets and Got their account fully upgraded to the owner status…

Remember while i told you about how to save money for those open world games concepts? The team could now use that saved money to strengthen the Blu-Ray Network Library, Licenses, 3d movies readily available with 3D HSBS, 3d Glasses…etc.

For Many People who Loves getting/downloading Blu-Ray movies, they will Never Receive that Feeling of completion where they have that ultimate satisfaction of them having the complete collection of ALL Blu-ray movies which has been released across several different languages… Hopefully this Network’s Blu-Ray Network will fix that issue by giving them access to stream almost every Blu-Ray Discs with Menu which also includes Making Scenes.

Part 3/8

In this Part we will discuss more about Royal Challengers and Quick Cash Challenges…
Also, Terms of Service and The Ecosystem Recap will be started on this Part 3/8… I’m Going to be Less interactive in this part because the contents in the images will already reveal everything which i need to say…

Clarity → The above image of this Network’s UI should be more like NFS The Run UI… Exit will actually Shut down the Starlink OS completely(See Shut down the PC option founded in the illustrated UI Concept)

For this Network, It’s also possible to implement Ratio based protection to defend against Government Bans(for Gambling) as Ratio based Limitation will Prevent people from placing higher bets if certain Ratio rules are introduced… But this can be implemented only for users of countries where their Respective Government sees this Network’s Multiplayer Gambling as an issue…
For LiveStreaming and Recording, since we have Starlink advantage of Extreme Speed, Make the Recordings Functionality to be more like Loom Recorder… where instead of Recordings getting stored locally on their device’s storage… All Storage will be moved to this Network’s cloud service where this part of the network becomes a service like Since People will already be paying for LiveStreaming access and Recording access… Those users who are making use of those features will receive 300 GB of Free Cloud Storage… If they need more storage, they need to pay like 50$ for 1TB(where this cloud storage based business model Gets integrated into the Network’s Business Model(which could end up serving as another source of income)).
Gamers who make use of a Gameplay and walkthrough videos probably are making 3000$ to 50000$ every month, so there is nothing wrong in charging for Livestreams and Recoding access… The way how can people can download their recorded videos can be through logging into or something similar where users would need to plug their login card to the PCs after visiting the site and attempting to Login…

Also Keep the Recordings and Livestreams Exclusive only for People who acquire Starlink PCs… For users who are accessing Skrushnet via Smart TV app, these features must be greyed out or unavailable. This Restriction could serve as one amongst many other ways which this network will be using to make people acquire this Network’s Starlink PCs where the pricing will start from $3,949 to all the ways upto 7.2 Million… Hardwares will be typically the same But the end users will be paying the premium just for the Futuristic looks of Higher End builds of PC cases which this network team will build.

The Starlink OS needs to be so perfect in a way where it should be treated like a Music Player and .FLAC playing capabilities… No matter what kind of software and technology an EDM Artist is using to Produce the EDM Music track, the end Music player which has .FLAC playing capabilities could play it without any issues, Right ? The Starlink OS needs to be that Perfect and Futuristic where the devs should never feel the update it… Keep it very Lightweight.

Part 4/8

In this Part we will discuss about why you need to work on Something New like this Network and Why working on Business Models that fights/depends on user’s attention and time is very dangerous and Risky.

1.75 Billion users target was set previously because of Custom PC + External HDD tech which was planned previously and Since this Network will now be Fully moved to cloud for Starlink OS/PCs AND ALSO it opening up gateway for users who owns a Samsung/LG TV users, the new target audience MAX Goal is 2.14 Billion… I haven’t said 7 Billion+ because i am just being realistic here, we could only bring bring people who are smart , very well educated and disciplined in Life and Not everyone in the world…

HDD prices/idea haven’t been removed/updated in the Google Docs, But read according knowing that the old idea has been scrapped and the Network will now be 100% fully cloud… This Network will aggressively stop the sales of both Physical form of digital form of assets being given to the end users.

Part 5/8

Some of these ideas might look impossible but remember with a huge team of 68k+ devs, it’s actually POSSIBLE to Execute it.

The Most important thing is to care about being Super Unique and taking care of this Private Network’s Reputation by not involving and attempting to do anything which will end up Reflecting Low IQ… The Next set of Storyboards will give you more Clarity on what i’m talking about…

The team can Build Awesome Games But if the team fail to be unique, the Product will either Fail or Just Stay Mediocre… The Last conversation on the right side is with TheRealJony who was Number 1 player in the NFS No Limits Game

Just Focus on Getting the Level design Right like how it was planned for this project and innovate the Multiplayer, Get out of that Middlemen Controlled Ecosystem who are just scared to try anything new and Lacking confidence to move on to anything new…

Let’s Quickly Get into the discussion of Singleplayer Games, Storymodes and How to Accelerate its development…

The Next image will give you a better understanding for why the team Must take the initiative to Exit the Middlemen Controlled Ecosystem

Avoid adding those Grind based concepts and get rid of side Quests… Keep the progression to be more old school and also add a lot of cinematic cut scenes… The Story Length could be just 3 hour 15 mins to 4 hours… Do not Exceed this limit because by attempting to make the game pointlessly so long, you will be just wasting Development time and Production costs… If you feel like the story cant be finished in 4 hours, as i illustrated earlier, Follow the Series method…

Part 6/8

Make Sure to Have a Strong Vision in Mind because that’s the only way to Achieve Big

Burj Khalifa isn’t the Most expensive Building ever built, The Reason why its Number 1 because it focused on being unique and had a very Strong Vision.

Stop caring about wanting to hit massive userbase count overnight… Focus on Working on Long term Massive Projects and have that Alpha Male Mindset

And in order to get to this Special Level, You need that Teamwork of 68,000+ devs working together on the single game Project/Private Network.

Do NOT make the Scenario look like this Network’s team is going to end up being the saviours of earth Because the Gaming world can STILL RUN without this network team as there will always be many games and makers behind it who will be just happy if the product is making enough money and wouldn’t care about if they are making the money in a Respectful way or not and would end up possibly taking all the shortcuts as someone could possibly would to increase that silly “playerbase count” in quick time(Giving the product for free, 85%+ offers, Limited time free…etc) So there will always be Games available for people on whom you think wont be able to afford for this network …

Trust Me, Even if you Flash forward next 20 years, this Microsoft and Sony will still be sitting with these consoles thing, wanting to set up that Easy Bait of 600$ device, increase the userbase count real quick with this strategy, Working very hard to Make 3rd party devs to be dependent on them, Make them to get their products released on their storefronts due to their Market dominance and ONLY FOCUSED on taking the % Cut of those 3rd party product’s Game Sales and % cut of those 3rd party Game’s Microtransactions and then finally that subscription fees of that xbox gold, PlayStation Plus thing and also yeah, their version of cloud gaming which offers nothing new in their business model(Their version of cloud just eliminates this consoles thing and besides that, there is Nothing new in their Business Model)…

Im telling you again, I’m not alienating Microsoft, Sony or any other Middlemen Centric Company… It’s just that instinct which tells you clearly that these Middlemen Centric Companies aren’t going to show Real Leadership skills where these companies will put the effort to Eliminate Microtransactions and all these skin packs, upgrades, virtual currencies…etc… they will be just silently enjoying that % cut money and subscription fees… I mean It’s not like these Middlemen Centric companies are going to come forward and make 3rd party devs feel like “We are all one” its time we all should start work together on bringing something NEW for the Game community and we should Move to a Newer Business Model/Ecosystem style…Nope, they aren’t going to do that because they just want to make everyone happy and just way too afraid to try anything New, lacking confidence/courage…etc … This is the Reason why an External force like this Private Network with 75+ investment companies needs to come forward to bring that innovation in Gaming that everyone needs in these days.

We need atleast 1 Game Product of which standards is EQUIVALENT to Supercar Manufacturers… And there is absolutely NO way a single game studio could get to that LEVEL singlehandedly on their own… You Need a Massive team of devs like 68,000+ devs working together with the mindset of Setting Benchmarks as most important priority rather than wanting to increase the userbase count quickly with the low powered cartoony Graphics Games…

People Should Get that feeling of acquiring a Luxury car while they acquire this Network’s Starlink PCs.

Fuel Station Analogy for Clarity…

Read the Text on the video as it’s very short analogy

If you are too much concerned about the Hate which this Network may face due to these aggressive Business changes, the Next Set of Storyboards will help you Gain Clarity on why attempting to make everyone happy and WANTING others to ONLY have good opinion about you is waste of time…


She doesn’t let the insult bring her down because she has a Purpose and her career is interesting for her(so she quickly moves on)… Similarly while this Network’s team has a Purpose and has a very strong vision, team and budget, the external negativity wont affect this network…

Working on Damage Control and Censoring hate/negativity is a waste of time as you will be Running a Never Ending Race… If a bunch of user’s negative reviews/comments becomes enough to slow down your business, then the problem is less about the product and its more about the Ecosystem… Get out that Middlemen Controlled “Individual Game sales” based Ecosystem where the Middlemen will Shrink the Product’s identity as 600x600 poster and do what it takes to Establish that Private Network Effect…

A short video which is enough to prove Why being different and Not doing What Everyone else is doing will end up in you Gaining More Rewards… The Lesson which you need to Learn is focus on Setting up a Long term Vision and Avoid being the one who looks for Quick Profit and Overnight Results.

Part 7/8

Start forming a Superior Private Network with the devs having the Mindset of we are all one and We Should Work together to switch towards this Real Estate Assets based Business model which will end up improving Profits Massively as compared to being “JUST Another Game” in that Middlemen’s Storefront… Middlemen Centric Companies isn’t Going to care about Identity, Pride, Respect, Value, Character, Being Leader, Being Best-in-Class, Setting Benchmarks, Luxury, accomplishments… so it’s the Game Developers Responsibility to take the initiative and opportunity to work on Newer Business Models Like this Private Network.




I have merged 2 or 3 clips of making video into 1, Hope it conveys the message…

Developers who doesn’t want their work to be forgotten and wants to make it available for Lifetime will come forward to work with this Network’s team…

Devs who care about their Project and want to make them Live for Lifetime will become a Part of this Network…
And also Just like how the Legend says, The team Just need to take that First Step

Part 8/8

While you work as a Team on this Real Estate Asses Based Private Network, You could also avoid Comparison issues like these…

Strange issues Like these ones also will be avoided due to the Network being secure and following Physical hardware based security Tech…

No More Wasting time on caring/focusing on several Platforms and keeping track of the issues that is raised on the Platforms… Since the Network’s assets will be Limited to Starlink PCs and Smart TV app…It would be easy to maintain support…

The team only Needs to care about having developers who cares about accomplishments and being super unique.

The Team will Fail during the initial few years of Network Launch But that’s the Reason why Real Estate Assets based business model is included in the network to guard the network…

Unlike other Platforms, this Network will handle Psychology differently and more effectively…

Usually, With the Existing Middlemen Centric Storefronts, If a New Game is Released, the Price of that Game will be 80 to 90$ for the First few weeks but then after like 3 months, the Price will be constantly Lowering a lot But on this Private Network, We will Mould the People’s Mindset in a way like People Who Pay for the Assets Early and Supports the Network Will End up Saving More Money and those Who Chooses to Pay Later Will always End up Paying a Lot …

Adding Clarity → If Root Assets price is 70$ which is the Network’s target Price… the Team will sell the Assets at target price for 1st 7 days and then After this timeframe, If People Need to Pay for Root Assets, the price for them will be like 80$… The Team Should Make it out like People Who Buy Early will be Saving Money and those who Pays Late will end up Paying More

Also this offer will be available only for the Starlink PCs purchased users and wont be available for users who access this Network via Samsung/LG TVs... In addition to this, People who owns the Starlink PCs will/may/can Receive a little bit Price Reduction in Insert coin theme prices as compared to users who access the Network via Smart TV app where these Smart TV users won't be Qualified to Receive such discounts...

A Simple Strategy on how this Team could Make 1 trillion in 9 years

If the Price of Root Assets is 70$ and the timeframe between each and every Assets based Release update is 8 months, While the next 8 Assets Gets released Within the End of Next 5 years(Collector’s Assets Sector Level 5), the target price will be 560$(70$ x 8 Assets releases)

If the team Manages to make the product reached to the planned 2.14 Billion users, the 1 trillion Goal will be achieved within 5 Years itself and also there are other 16+ source of income which could Accelerate this Process…

I just gave it 9 years of timeframe because the Growth process will be slow But that added extra 4 years will allow us to catch up and definitely hit that 2.14 billion users goal within 9 years from the time the Network has been Launched.

Why am i setting/suggesting the price to be 70$ ? It isn’t too high, it isn’t too less aswell. It’s the Perfect Sweet Spot and will also plays out Nice Psychologically But as is said, If wanted, the team could Make the Assets value to be priced at 70$ for the Starlink PCs owned users for the First 7 days from the time that Assets has been Released… However after that timeframe, the team could increase that Assets Value by +10$ to +100$… Hope you are Grasping what i am trying to say here…

There will always be More Developers looking for that agent… So Let this Network team be that Big Agent…

Wanted to Add Clarity again as this seems to be a important part of the Network…


On the Next Video, Replace the Word Rock star Lifestyle with Microtransactions Lifestyle

Devs who knew what they were doing is wrong but still continue to do it anywayz due to them not wanting to risk the Job security will Now have the Perfect opportunity to Work on Respectful Projects…
I mean, There will always be Good developers with this type of Good Mindset Who will be waiting for opportunities like this…

Work on Something Very Powerful, You’ll find more developers gain the interest and desires to Join this Network…

Most developers will have the desire to Get into the Next Level of What they could Possibly do and If this Network is Going to facilitate that, then they will Join

The above video should be Perfectly Relatable with the Console Platforms obsessed developers who aren’t willing to do anything powerful by planning on what they should do Next…

Personally, I find it Awesome only while people work on Achieving the Impossible…

Believe me While i say this, this Network team CAN Really succeed in Generating 1 trillion dollars if everyone worked together and as per this old school Plan and Style.

While the team Executes it, they will become the Leader and that Identity is important…

As for this Network, there will be 17+ Sources of income

  1. Game Asset Sales (Account Upgrade)
  2. Global Multiplayer 15$
  3. Time Qualifiers(Setting up Time Qualifiers will also stop servers from overloading)
  4. Insert Coin Theme(Renting Session charges of Renters)
  5. Skrush Events Tickets and Influential Slot Tickets.
  6. Betting Tickets
  7. Royal Challengers(10% Cut For Each Match)
  8. Quick Cash(3% Cut For Each Match)
  9. Upload And Recording Access (20$ per month)
  10. Cloud Storage Business For Storing Recorded Videos Using Cloud Computing + Starlink Automation
  11. Livestream Subscription
  12. Starlink Subscription For Other Operating Systems(people Receive free internet only for Starlink OS use cases, If they want to use Starlink on windows os or other os, they need to acquire subscription separately).
  13. Local Stores Businesses
  14. Smart TVs And 3d Glasses
  15. Exclusive Joystick Package Deals And Individual Joystick Purchase Based Price Hiking
  16. Starlink PC Accessories + Starlink certified Sinewave UPS by teaming up with UPS companies for Manufacturing powerful Computer UPS which will provide Guaranteed Backup of 75 minutes even at 1500watts Load.
  17. This Network’s Mighty Exclusive Custom PCs, Where The Stock Factory variant will cost 3,949$ and other variants all the way upto 7.2 Million (charging Extra just for the External PC cases made with premium materials)

Let’s Quickly Get into the Discussion of Local Stores Businesses

Similar to this BestBuy, Samsung and LG Service centers are the only places where people can acquire the Network’s Login cards… PC Manufacturers Service Centers could also be included… It’s just No 3rd Party…

We are Reaching Final Parts of the Project…

Raising Investment costs of Production…
The Below team is Not Final, But rather its a concept (The team and network should look very powerful)
It would be cool to have Brave Software, Inc. Logo in it, Right?


An Alternative Plan could also be very simple Like
Microsoft → 18 Billion
Sony ->>>>> 18 Billion
Google ->>> 18 Billion
SpaceX->>>>18 Billion
Meta ->>>>> 18 Billion
Amazon ->>>18 Billion ( 6 Companies x 18 Billion = 108 Billion, the Project’s Budget Price Gets Exceeded than the Planned 107 Billion)
But the Truth is Most of the above listed companies Besides SpaceX doesn’t care about Identity, Pride, Respect, Character, Accomplishments, Wanting to do something Good for the world, they only care about themselves and ONLY MONEY is on their mind so this most likely wont work… So Stay with Plan A → 75+ Investments companies, This will Surely work if this Network team Really Wanted…

It’s Important to Not take Rejection seriously as this Network’s Ecosystem is designed in a way to open up chances for almost any company whom are willing to invest so you will always have options…

The Final Points Which i would like to add is how the team could avoid the Exclusivity Hate train

Not doing Anything New and Implementing Exclusivity will Result in Losing Respect


“Just Another Icon” → Can you Understand what i was complaining earlier ? and Hope you can Relate this With Middlemen Centric Companies… Epic CEO has said it while others just stay quiet… that’s the only difference…

This Network team could Easily escape the Exclusivity Hate train because this Network is Following Real Estate Assets based Business Model and For the Majority part, this Network will be Sports and Racing Network… Also for some PC games, they may call them as Exclusive to certain stores but often makes those Exclusive PC Games get landed in the Console Platforms… But with this network, the Platform is truly Limited to Starlink PCs, The team would provide absolutely no option to the people to access the Network on Windows OS or On Mobile platforms which are known very well for their Weaker Security…

In addition, we also have Login card based security tech and Bank account alike this network’s account Registration Process… The fact why we even open up Gateways for Smart TVs is to Make Sure the Mediocre users gains access into the Network without too much issues as its going to take a Lot of time for them to acquire the custom Starlink PCs.

In General, Avoid creating unnecessary hype and that should also help lesser this issue to Some Good Extent.

Videos with Black background and play icon are videos which have been uploaded directly uploaded to discourse… i think discourse is probably processing the video… Try playing it and see if it plays, if not, it will probably play after some time…Give it some time.

Hey Team,

i have shared my personal experience with you for the sake of movie tv application like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Sony Max, etc. in free of cost…without investing any single penny on pikashow app.

Thanks a lot!

I can not believe I made it to the bottom… This should be removed…

The Upcoming Parts will only add Clarity to the Previously updated Plan.

Some Points are Repeated Just to Make the Message Get Powerfully Registered on Reader’s Mind by adding Multiple Layers of Super Clarity. View this Update on Big Screen for Improved Immersion. Formatting has been Improved.

On the Upgrade Account Page, I have Forgotten to add a benefit which should be “Play at 8k Resolution” or Choose to Play at any Resolution 1080p, 2k, 4k , 8k without paying anything Extra.

Also, Another Benefit Modification would be “Ability to Place Bets on Real Life Sports Matches and Integrate the Winning Benefits to your Account and in-Game Linked Bank Account of your Account ID.

Time Qualifiers Will keep the Servers and Network Healthy

The Presence of Time Qualifiers and its Restrictions will Greatly help in servers From Not being overloaded and the Servers Load will be only High Mostly during the Weekends due to Bingeplay Reward is being offered for all of the accounts which has been Fully upgraded to the Latest Sector Levels.

Local Store Businesses is literally like REAL LIFE RPG

Have you Realized that for Local Store businesses concept idea, ->>> Conquering Each of the country/streets & Invading them with this Network’s Stores for this Network’s use case Starts Feeling like a Real Life city building based RPG ? This Move will Greatly help in Advertising.

Cricket Gameplay Mechanics

For Cricket Gameplay which i have illustrated, an Improvement for it would be to change the way how the Challenge will be Shown on the screen…


Skrush Events tickets and Adrenaline Slot ticket(Influential Slot tickets) Clarification

In the above image, I have Forgotten about Royal Challengers and Quick Cash Matches, People Who Participate in Royal Challengers and Quick Cash Matches will also Receive Streaming Hours Benefits…

For Both of these Matches->>> Royal Challengers(Where this Network will take 10% cut for every Match) and Quick Cash Matches(Where this Network will take 3% Cut)-> Set the Minimum Betting amount to be 15$ and For Every Match users Play(Where the Minimum Amount for Bet is 15$), Increase the Benefit, Make it out to be Like, ->>>>> They Will Get 30 Hours of Streaming for Blu-Ray Discs and Classic AAA Games Combo use cases.

The Difference between Quick Cash and Royal Challengers-> Royal Challengers Matches will take place on a completely different day or at the same day where People would have to wait depending on the opposite Person’s Location whereas Quick Cash Matches takes Place Instantly… Hat tricks, Ratios won’t be increased for Quick Cash Matches and their Quick Cash Matches Statistics won’t be Recorded/Considered for Leaderboards as the Leaderboards Will be Exclusive for People who Engage in Royal Challengers->>>>Only Way People can Increase their Hat tricks/Ratios and Improve their Play Matches Statistics is while they are Engaging in Royal Challengers…

For Quick Cash Matches cases, Only thing which will be Recorded are the amount which they Invest/Gain/Lose to display it on their “My accounts Page” → Total Money Invested/Total Money Gained/Total Money Lost.

Alright, Let’s Get back to the topic…

I mean Instead of Subscribing to all of these services as shown in Alliance4creativity…

PC Specs

Motherboard : ASUS ROG Strix X299-E Gaming II - LGA2066 - DDR4 M.2 USB 3.2 802.11AX WiFi 6 X299 ATX Motherboard for Intel Core X-Series Processors
CPU : Intel 9960x
RAM : Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith DDR4 32GB 3200MHz PC4-25600 CL16 1.35V 288-Pin UDIMM Gaming Desktop PC Computer RAM Memory Module (8GB x 4)
Cooler : ROG Strix LC II 360
PSU : ROG Thor 850p
HDD : WD Blue 7200RPM 1TB(I didn’t go for ssd because i want Data Reliability and Lifespan over extra speed… i dont wanted to keep track of Write cycles)
Drive : ASUS External 16X Blu-Ray Writer with USB 3.0 -Optical Drives Storage -BW-16D1H-U-PRO
Chassis : ROG Strix Helios
Keyboard : Razer Cynosa V2
Mouse : Dell Wired + ASUS MW203 Multi-Device Wireless
Joystick : Ae zone Xbox 360 Wired Controller Gamepad for PC | Enhanced (Black)
Wi-Fi : TP-Link Ac1300 USB WiFi Adapter (Archer T3U)-2.4G/5G Dual Band Mini Wireless Network Adapter for PC Desktop, Mu-Mimo Wi-Fi Dongle, USB 3.0
Headset : Razer Thresher Dolby 7.1 x3 Razer Kraken V3 PRO x1 and Razer Barracuda PRO x1 [x1,x2,x3 refers Quantities]
TV: Samsung NU8000 55

From the above Set of Storyboards, You Would have Gained Clarity for why it’s very hard to Manage Everything and Stay up to date… For the Use case of Windows 8.1, Newer Laptops and Pre-Built Gaming Desktops of ASUS Simply Refuse to Support it But i Could create My Solution by Simply building a Custom Desktop by using a Shop(even without visiting that shop by Staying at home)… Another Instance Which i could share, Microsoft has made useful AI tools like Bing AI which helped me to create Batch files as seen in this topic

But All of a sudden, It started to behave like it doesn’t know how to code and it was Never designed to Help with Code…

I Lost interest with Bing and Never used the Chat again… I Now use Bard , Google Generative AI or other search engines…The Reason Why i have shown you these 3 References is that (Windows 8.1 Solution with Custom PC, USB solution with Powered hubs to Manage 138tb+ HDDs all at once From the Comfort of your Keyboard area and AI Chat Alternatives), These are just 3 of the Problems Which i could Share openly with you to Let you know that the solutions can be discovered for all of these 3…

Similar to these 3 issues, For Most of the other Problems which i have in Life, there will always be an solution which i will eventually get as soon as i finish putting in the effort But this is Certainly not the case with Blu-Ray Collection Satisfaction… I am not the only one who sees this as an issue… For almost anyone Who Collects Blu-Ray, they will always have the regret in their back of their head(Still a Lot of titles are Missing…)

Now, there is also New Headache caused by Intel…

It’s this Network’s team Responsibility to Innovate, Educate discipline and Make People understand the Value of this Network differently as compared to what others are doing (Which will result in helping all End users on building the habit for always Paying on time).

Let’s take a Reference from the Previously Posted Parts

Let’s Look at the issues from AI Perspective, I have twisted my Questions to Get More detailed Answers With added Clarity to help you understand Why it’s important to Innovate and Come forward to trying new tech Concepts instead of using the older business concepts and Strategies Which has Proven to be ineffective in Generating Higher Revenue turnover and Weaker at Security…

See my AI Friend also says having new tech concepts is important to be unique and to Gain More users

Forgotten to add a Point, People Who are Buying Betting Tickets, Regardless of their Betting tickets Purchased Player/Teams Wins or Loses, they will still Get Lottery tickets where the Lottery winners will Receive 8 hours Stream Hours Benefits to Access 1,350+ AAA titles and 20,000+ Blu-Ray titles, In addition, they will also Receive 24 hours unlimited 1 day full session where they can Participate directly in the Finals of Skrush Events Finals…


70$ x 3 = 210$ (3 Sector Level Releases Per year)
210$ x 15 (15 years, Same Strategy of Releasing 3 Sector Levels Each year)

3,360$ x 2.14 Billion users → 7.2 Trillion US$ Within 16 years (Reason Why i am Restricting to 2.14 Billion users because i am trying to be Realistic and wanted to Make the Calculation Correct Because No matter how Good this Network can be, It can only attract Well Educated People and 2.14 Billion is the current Safe Limit for Well Educated and being Smart).

1000 Trillions Hours is difficult Even for YT But if Somehow Some Streaming Partner Manages to Complete the Challenge, Set the Next Challenge as 5 Quadrillion Stream Hours.



If Elon Musk has the Same Mentality Even now and Continues to Remain as the Same Person as he was before, He Will be agreeing to work on a Network Like this


Always Keep in Mind

Alright, Microsoft Damage Control came into Effect.... Click to Read More

Alright, Microsoft Damage Control came into Effect… Something which has Never been done to my Posts has been done, Someone Silently Removed My Post…

Win 8.1 was the only Reddit which i used to check daily and Even created account just to add Win 8.1 Related contents and it was a Very Good Experience as None of my Posts has been Censored… On very Rare scenarios, If any of my post has been Removed, they will tell me the Reason But this time it was Removed without any Reason… I have also Posted the Same topic News before 3 months while i added the update here(before 3 months) and While i Checked Now, The Older topic is Still alive on Win 8.1 Reddit, It’s just this New update News seem to be Missing…

And upon Self Investigating Myself, They Removed it Not because of OFF-topic or Something else but due to the Post Subject was Not Per their Liking or they found Something offensive in this update instance which may have to deal with Xbox…

Want to See What has been added ? Click Here to See Full Update, Seeing this Update also Gives you an opportunity to Check the above Posted update from a different Perspective

(Formatting will be Hard to Read for this update instance of Reddit, I Can only Wish Discourse gets Good at Auto Stretching the Image to fit the Body of the Post…)

An 187+ Pages of New update has been added for Skrushnet Project, What’s Mainly New in this update from the Last time I updated is there was Something Missing or Incomplete Feeling, Now the Newer update fixes that issue by adding More Clarity and Updating Strategies. This Page is Recommended to be viewed on PC.

The End Goal of Skrushnet is to Establish a Worthy Equivalent for Stock Market and Crypto Currency(Making Money to be More fun for Developers, Investors and End Users by Making Games to Stop Being Just a Commercial Entertainer Which has Proven to be Ineffective with the Outdated Individual Game Sales Based approach and Moving towards Real Estate Assets Based Business Model(Ecosystem Assets)).

With the Current Betting Sites, People Can Make Money only if they Predicted the Winner correctly… However with this Network, Just by buying Betting tickets on Real Life Sports Matches, they will be Earning Stream hours… This is done to Make sure the people who bought Betting tickets on Losing team to Not make them feel they have been Ripped off…

The People who bought betting tickets on the winning team will Get 100% of the invested ticket money back, Betting Gains per ticket and Stream Hours whereas for users who bought tickets on Losing team, While they won’t be Getting any of their Invested Money back, They will still Get Stream Hours benefits of 1,350+ AAA Games and 20,000+ Blu-Ray titles.

Forgotten to add a Point, People Who are Buying Betting Tickets, Regardless of their Betting tickets Purchased Player/Teams Wins or Loses, they will still Get Lottery tickets where the Lottery winners will Receive 20 Hours of Stream Hours Benefits to Access 1,350+ AAA titles and 20,000+ Blu-Ray titles, In addition, they will also Receive 24 hours unlimited 1 day full session to access Skrushnet Continously where the Validity will Last for 1 day and they can Participate directly in the Finals of Skrush Events Finals on that 1 day… Betting tickets can only be Purchased by users who has upgraded their account to Latest Sector Levels.

Actual Network Launches by Honouring Game studios, Movie Companies and Investment Companies…

It won’t be Like windows Experience, where if a user Presses power button, they need to See Windows Logo for 10 to 15 Seconds, Wait for Desktop, Have to Launch apps Manually if they want to start different apps for different session use case where Shell:Startup becomes ineffective… With this Network, the Purpose is Clear, It’s made only for this Network’s use case So the Network will be Launched directly within 5 seconds of user Pressing Power button where it Successfully Eliminates the needs of any further user Input.

I Have already added Walls of Text here, So I will Stop Here, If you Liked the Idea of Skrushnet and Feel the topic which is Shared here is Incomplete and Missing, See the Full update on Brave Community… The original Project was 4,800+ Pages Long where a Short version of the Project is Posted of Brave Community (780+ Pages) But After updating it, I Still had the Feeling of Something was Missing or Incomplete and the Newer 187+ Pages Update Fixes the Issue by adding More Clarity, See Full Project on Brave Community.

Have you Finished Checking What has been added in Reddit above ? It’s Recommended to Continue Reading only After you’ve Checked the update…

Alright, If You’ve Fully Checked on What has been added to Reddit and being Fair, You would agree that Nothing has been offensive… As For this Project’s Ideas and Concepts, It’s Less of Technical difficulties(as it’s Proven there are developers who are Capable of Executing the Ideas of Skrushnet Concepts) and It’s More of Leadership Issues, Lack of Vision, Want to Play in Easy mode/Safe as these other companies are too scared to try anything New…

I will agree on the Risk Factors and there is Not a Single Company Which are Wealthy and Wise Enough to be Working on a Project Like Skrushnet Singlehandedly and that is the Reason Why Working Together as a Team and Moving away from the Individual Game based Sales is Important…

As for Microsoft and Sony is Concerned, It’s safe to say these Companies will Never do anything New in Bringing Changes to their Business Models… It’s just Not these two Companies But also for the Rest of the other Middlemen Centric Companies… The Reason Why these other Companies are not adding Enough Efforts on Bringing Meaningful changes to their Business Models is Mostly due to Lack of Competition and This is the Reason Why Skrushnet Needs to be Established Where the Gaming Business Model behind Skrushnet and it’s vision are More than Just Selling Games, The Skrushnet Model is Not about Creating another Storefront, Assembling 3rd Party Games as 600x600 Posters, Adding Individual Prices, offers tag on Each of the Games and Living a Stressful Life by keeping track of Sales Number Count as if we choose to do that it will End up Making Skrushnet No different than What the Current Middlemen Centric Companies are doing…

Skrushnet Will aim to Become a Worthy Equivalent for Stock Market/ Crypto Currency(Giving the ability to Make Money in Real time Without depending on anyone else and Eliminating the Risk factors by Making People Investment’s Money Worth being Returned back to them in some way which will End up in Not Making People Feel they Ripped off while they Lose as it is Important to Make People Keep Coming back)…

With the Introduction of Real Estate Assets based Business Model and Revenue Payouts based on Streaming Partners ability to Complete Challenges, the Skrushnet Team Could Eliminate Stress and Increase Profits as the Team won’t be doing the Individual Game based Sales and following the outdated Revenue Per Stream business Model which has Proven to Generate Less Profits for the Companies and Content Creators.

Let Me Give you another Example on why Skrushnet has to be Established and for Why Contribution by Brave is Required…

For Every Problem, There is a Solution…

Bard → I can’t assist you with your Request
Brave Shields → I Can Help You with your Request

The above video Performance was Win 11 Supernova VM with Win 8.1 as Host OS… I have almost Made the Win 11 VM Performance to make it Feel Like another app of Win 8.1 and Also Improved Immersion.

See the Update here

As i said, For Every Problem, With Enough Effort applied, We will be able to discover the Solution But that’s not always the Case with Gaming, We Need an External Force Like this Network’s team Who has Not Much Relation with Gaming Industry to be the ACTUAL ones to Bring in the Major Innovation that Everyone Needs, We Need New Heroes… I Like Microsoft for the Company’s Creation of Windows 8.1 But that Should be it as When it Comes to Gaming, By Looking at How Microsoft is Handling their Gaming Business with No Strong Vision, I don’t need a Parent Like Microsoft or any other Middlemen Centric Companies which i have Said Earlier… For Me, Whom I would Consider as my Parent for Gaming is Someone who is willing to have Higher Vision and also Brave at the Same time to take on New Challenges…

You’re Known as Brave and Personally I Feel You will be Well Compatible with this Project, You’re one of those Few Companies who is able to deliver the Feeling of being able to do anything… Brave Browser has already Reached Maximum State of Perfection and You can Continue your development with the Brave Browser Like allocating 65% of the Team to Continue the development of Existing Projects… The Remaining 35% of the Team Should Come Forward to Help Bring Skrushnet Dream a Reality… I know the Concepts of Skrushnet Projects are Hard to Execute and You won’t be able to do it alone, You don’t Need to feel bad about this inability because there is not a Single Company who will be able to Execute Skrushnet at this Level of Higher Scale Singlehandedly… There Needs to be a Huge Team to Execute Skrushnet…

Increased the Subtitles Size Temporarily, I Hope it’s Immersive…

Asking You(Brave), SpaceX or other Investment Companies to Work on Skrushnet does not Necessarily mean I am Expecting You to Make Games or Movies, Because there will be Companies and Studios Who will be Making the Contents, What’s Your Role and Investment Companies is to Work on Management of the Network by Working as backend team and also Looking after Sports Match Betting tickets, Sending Passive Income Payouts for Streaming Partners who are Completing Stream and Download Challenges… There Should be a Starting Point for Everything, Right ? As Just a Normal user Like me, These other Companies won’t Listen to Me But IF you have Read Everything which has been added in the Latest updates, Found the Updated Strategies has been Impactful and If you as Brave Software Inc, takes the Initiative by contacting Major Movie Companies about this Idea, You will Successfully End up Initiating Starting Point…

I have asked AI an Question about RPM and Payouts based on ability to Complete the Challenges to find out which Model AI finds Effective

Question :

If We were to Start a Streaming Service, Which of the Following Model would you consider as Effective and More Satisfying ?

Option A : Revenue Per Minute, Outdated Model, Which can be Something Like $1 for completion of 100 Hours Where the Streaming Service has to Payout $1 as soon as users are Completing Every 100 Hours of any Individual Streaming Partners Library…

Option B : Payouts based on ability to Complete Challenges with Higher Rewards being offered for Completion of Higher Challenges…
For Example, 10$ for Completion of 1000 Hours, and Instead of Making Payments Instantly at the Completion of Next 1000 Hours by Paying another 10$ While they Complete the Next 1000 Hours, How about Setting the Next Goal to be 10,000 Hours and Instead of Just Paying 100$ for the Completion of 10,000 Hours(where 1$ for Every 100 Hours was the above Set Criteria), How about Paying 300$ for the Completion of 10,000 Hours ?

The Payout is High But it Gives Enough time for my Streaming Service team to catch up with New users and Pay the users Money as Payouts as we don’t have to pay X amount for Every 1000 Hours and will only have to Pay to Streaming Partners when users have Completed 10,000 Hours(300$)
And If While they Reach the Next Goal like 50,000 Hours(where the team will Pay 15,000$ while Streaming Partners Complete the Challenge of 50,000 Hours)

Setting the Goal Between 10,000 Hours and the Next Challenge to be 50,000 Hours Gives Enough time for our Service to Gain New users while Streaming Partners are taking their time to Complete the Challenge… Also, this kind of Payouts Motivates Streaming Partners to Submit Larger Library as it becomes a Necessity to Complete Challenges Fast(while Multiple users are actively consuming various Part of the Streaming Partners Library all at the Same time)…

This Move may Feel like the Service will Run at Loss, But it’s the Exact opposite of RPM… Because Setting Challenges Like
Complete 1000 Hours = 10$
Complete 10,000 Hours = 300$
Complete 50,000 Hours = 15,000$
Complete 100,000 Hours = 30,000$
Complete 500,000 Hours = 150,000$
Complete 1 Million Hours = 300,000$
Complete 5 Million Hours = 1.5 Million$
Complete 15 Million Hours = 5 Million$
Complete 50 Million Hours = 21 Million$
Complete 100 Million Hours = 52 Million$
Complete 300 Million Hours = 180 Million$
Complete 500 Million Hours = 385 million$
Complete 1 Billion Hours = 1.7 Billion$
Complete 5 Billion Hours = 8 Billion$ and More Higher Payouts for completion of 15 Billion Hours, 50 Billion Hours, 100 Billion Hours, 500 Billion Hours, 1 Trillion Hours…etc

Because Setting Challenges Like the above Shown Conceptual prizes where Rewards Getting Increased by 2x, 3x will Motivate more Streaming Service Partners to Join and Psychologically Persuade them to Submit Larger Library if they Ever to Complete Higher Challenges…

Important things to Note, Since the team is offering very Higher Payouts, We will Introduce a Challenge Reset timer in our Streaming Service Where the Challenge timer will Reset in our Streaming Service for Streaming Partners Every year So that in a way, While my Streaming Service team will Provide Statistics to Streaming Partners on How much total hours is streamed ALL TIME, the Challenge timer will Reset to Zero at the End of Every year, So that If an Individual Streaming Partner has Completed only 327.8 Million Hours in an year, The team will only Pay 180 Million$ for the 300 Million Hours Completion and Since they Failed to Reach the Next Goal of 500 Million Hours on that year, the Extra 27.8 Million Hours won’t be counted or considered for Payouts… You Might think the Payout Structure design might Run the Network at a Loss But that is Not True as Not having to pay for Extra 27.8 Million Hours Stream is a Gain and While there are More Streaming Partners, it will be difficult for individual Streaming Partners to Complete Higher Challenges. Ultimately this kind of Tempting Payouts will Increase the Library Strength of the Network…

The 27.8 Million Hours Loss for 1 Streaming Partner was Only one instance and while we Run a Network Like this, there are More Chances, Multiple Streaming Partners will Fail like Getting trapped at between 1 Million and 5 million Hours Like Completing Only 2.8 Million Hours in a Year and this Network team only has to Pay 300,000$ For the Completion of 1 Million Hours and the Remaining 1.8 Million Stream Hours is Gain for this Network…

Another Instance is Getting Trapped Between 5 Million and 15 Million Hours Where an Individual Streaming Partner has Managed to Complete Only 8.7 Million Hours in a year and this Network team only has to Pay 1.5 Million$ for the Completion of 5 Million Hours and the Remaining 3.7 Million Hours Stream is Gain for this Network, Hope You’re Grasping the Concept…

You Might think 5 million Hours, 15 Million Hours are Long, But In Reality, it will be Easy while Streaming Partners are Submitting Strong Library, The Real difficulty Starts at 500 Million Hours Challenge and all other Challenges above this Challenge task Like Completing 1 Billion Hours, 5 Billion Hours, 15 Billion Hours, 50 Billion Hours, 100 Billion Hours, 500 Billion Hours,etc

Since the Challenge Reset timer will Get Reset at the End of Every year and there will be Multiple Streaming Partners, Most of the Individual Streaming Partners will Struggle to Surpass 5 Billion Hours Even if our Network has 2.14 Billion daily active users.

What do you think ? Do you find the Payouts based on ability to Complete Challenges to be Innovative and More Satisfying ? Do you think this kind of Higher Payouts will Motivate More Streaming Partners to Join the Service and Submit Larger Library to Make it available for the Stream use case of My Streaming Service Network ? Which Payout option (RPM or Payouts based on ability to Complete Challenges) will Result in Bringing More Profit for My Streaming Service ?

Answer :

Draft 1

RPM Business Model is Like Middlemen Centic Companies Business Models, It’s Easy and Challenges based Payouts is Skrushnet Business Model, It’s More Complex to Execute and Simply won’t work if this Kind of Business Model is Run by 1 Single Company and with Limited Library…

Bard Clearly Says RPM Business Models are Not Strong Enough to attract Streaming Partners and Making them Submitting Larger Library, You Clearly Need Skrushnet, Huge Team, Excessive Production costs and Investment companies Support(to Establish a Streaming Service which will End up having a Powerful Library).

Draft 2

Setting it up → The Challenges and Prize Rewards are Conceptual for Illustrating the Concept, It Can be Modified.
Money, Money, Money → Perfect Reason to help you understand Why You need a Private Network like Skrushnet and Making you Realize why there is No way a Single Company can do it all alone by themselves.
Starting over Every Year ? → Skrushnet is Not a Place for People Who wants it Easy, The Reset Timer Exists to Make the Challenges Hard and also to Save Money for the Network team as Reset at the End of Every year will Prevent Streaming Partners to Complete Higher Challenges and Get the Rewards Money that Easily.

Draft 3

Brainpower → Reason Why you Need a Huge Team to Get this Complex Business Model Right.
As is Said, The Challenges and Payout Prizes Can be Modified.

Draft 4

Draft 5

Draft 6

Bankruptcy, Running out of cash…etc → This wlll only happen to Management of Companies who are Scared to Move away to Newer Business Model and always wants to Play it Safe…

What Makes Skrushnet Powerful where it Escapes away from Problems Like this Easily ?

At First, Yearly Challenge Reset timer will Make it Super Harder for Streaming Partners to Complete Higher Challenges…
Next, Skrushnet will be a Powerful Network with the Presence of Multiple Streaming Partners where it will have 20,000+ Blu-Ray titles and 1,350+ AAA Games which Just Says this Network won’t be all about Just Movies or it’s Going to be all about Just Games, Skrushnet will have Both Movies and Games…

In addition, Skrushnet also has Time Qualifiers(Time Restrictions) and Since Access to 1,350+ AAA Games and 20,000* Blu-Ray Titles will only be Given to People who are Engaging in Paid Multiplayer Events and for the People who are Purchasing Real Life Sports Match Betting tickets, It will End up Making it Harder for Streaming Partners to Complete the Challenges and As is said, Since there will be Multiple Streaming Partners, It won’t be Easy to Complete the Challenges.

If you Follow What Middlemen Centric Companies has trained and Expects Everyone to do, You will End up being Just another, Don’t be Just another, Believe in Skrushnet.