Brave Wallpaper Modding

Hello Brave People!
I am a small OEM and have installed now on hundreds of systems your lovely Brave browser and have encouraged users to use Brave, even offering support to aid all in learning Brave and working with it’s mildly “unusual” behaviors (HTTPS as example). Currently, I also have about 60 Linux systems successfully running Brave with recent issues playing DRM video in Movies Anywhere for some unknown reason - won’t play in any Browser on these systems, just to be clear - so Not a Brave issue. All of my Windows & Mac users have tried Brave and many have adopted Brave as default personal Web Browser!

What I am writing about and wondering WHY this hasn’t happened yet, is Wallpaper modding! I love your Brave Browser and use it every day but I ALSO feel a bit of frustration EVERY time a SpaceX wall pops up - I respond EVERY time by hitting the Home icon to change it - it happens so many times per day that it REALLY is irritating - does Brave really want to continue to include daily irritation in using their browser? Brave is lovely as is but can you PLEASE include a way for us devoted users/OEMs to allow our own walls to rotate or at least to remove walls that annoy the jimmineekristmas out of us - or if you simply will NOT allow this at all, than can you remove the annoying SpaceX walls (besides there is a whole lot of negative info about Musk and SpaceX floating around the Web - does Brave really want to be associated with anything negative, let alone that) in favor of more Nature walls (can’t really go wrong with that) - just stating for what it may be worth… Appreciate all you guys do and hope you can make Brave better in this small but noticeable way amongst all else you do to make Brave Great!