When will Brave Rewards be added to mobile?

As far as I can tell brave rewards dont appear in the settings for brave on iOS at least. Is it planned to be added, if so when, or is it already?

We already have Brave Rewards on Android.

With regards to iOS, it is in plan. :slight_smile:

In general, we tend not to give specific timelines for future features. Stay tuned!

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Especially since it is still early days to an extent do you plan a way to provide a way to give ownership/shared upside when they provide valuable feedback/feature ideas? Fortune 500 routinely spend billions of dollars on customer experience/etc R&D for even fairly small test panels. If users notice useful ways to improve the product that could be very value added for a company like brave especially in a fairly competitive, critical space like browsers. That could also really serve to distinguish brave as being customer/user centric especially in the current environment humbly.

That’s a pretty big leap from talking about mobile :smiley:

I won’t speak for the whole company on this one, but I’m quite happy with our FOSS status and our current methodologies of R&D.

I think investment questions are better left for proper bizdev and not on a user forum. :wink:

Both are revenue, compensation, platform development and user growth issues which is why i brought it up in the same line. Just wasnt sure if there was something already on the table. Theres a number of ways that can be done without any/little impact on FOSS.

Whats a good contact for the bizdev side of things?


I’m Director of BD at Brave/BAT. Happy to chime in.

From our POV, the concept of rewarding people that contribute to studies, R&D and provide useful first bugs or solutions for tricky problems with BAT is on the table, and within the realm of possibility.

It fits the utility case, rewards effort, and ties well into the intended purpose.

Could also envision a similar type of utility to gitcoin with BAT where people are rewarded for bug reports, prs etc.

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Thats basically what I was thinking because it seems like a good fit. I wrote a brief about a system like that a while back (before anybody really knew about crypto) for a few different projects. Where it has been implemented theres indication that it was pretty productive. Are you guys looking for consultants on that side of things? Im bored with what I’m doing at the moment and im looking for an advisory role with some ownership. Ive been following brave to some extent for a while and might have a few billion dollar managers ears… Though i need more details and it depends on a few things… It looks like youre at about half a bil for the BAT market cap. Would you like to do value of idk 50X-200X that?