Alpha testers needed

2/16/2020 UPDATED
The club is open but VERY limited still. More this week!

Reddit thread…

Soon, the club will offer free Brave referral banner promotion, free cross promotion for creators, a searchable database of Brave sites with free basic inclusion, a brave search engine, 100% ad free youtube, and more.

Ultimately, our plan is to first promote Brave and build a fun community of people who just want a better internet.

The club features or will feature several games to play with an emphasis on climate control and change.

Club revenues will be distributed to club members, including any and all sources.

We will be focusing on climate change’s biggest challenge: getting people to take personal action in effective ways.

For example, $5 spent on reforestation using drones over wildfire scorched land is more effective than sponsoring 1 tree for $20 where 80% goes to “admins”.

Humanity is provably dead (using math) unless we change.

Be Brave. Join the Club.



Love the idea :slight_smile:
I would recommend you post this on our subreddit as well, for visibility.

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Will do when it is ready!

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I’m super interested whenever it’s ready. Count me in

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Count me in as an Alpha tester!

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Awesome! I got quite a bit done this weekend, but more before release. Will launch soon.

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I’m super interested whenever it’s ready. Count me in

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Count me in, it would be great to be a part of a big project.

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Sounds like a great plan and cause.
I’m in!

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The club login is built. I will probably just make the homepage and a “get started” button and a brief blurb about the overall vision / status (pre-alpha).

Once logged in you claim your daily bonus, level up to lvl 2, collect lootbox, lvl up to 3.

Then you get your first quest, reach level 5. You get a collar and alpha members will also get a typewriter.

You will have enough shields to level up to Level 4 from the start so you will only need like 500 more to reach initiate.

I am locking the game at max level = 4 while testing/building the next tier.

Likely start opening the doors early Feb.


I want to be tester.

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Updated account view

I want to be a tester, where do I go to be a tester?

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I’m in. Looking forward to join the club.

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how do i join the club?

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I am still waiting on art work to be done. Images so far contain David Revoy’s cat avatar generator. We are doing our own artworks.

I am working on finishing the mini-game, need to add methods for members to cross promote.

The club will start accepting members later this week. I will PM an invite code to anyone that expresses interest in this thread.

It is a living project and I will add features by community request. I have decided to go with the current artworks and later have custom arts.

The club is still in a pre-alpha (build) environment.

There is a 16 level deep referral system, a separate tree for automatic referrals, comms get paid to your 15 club siblings, 16 club children, and tier shares. Getting involved early means you will benefit the most if the club is successful.

Initially, you earn shields and gems which later will be able to be used to buy club shares and get automatic crypto payouts.

Minor coding to do and a lot of FAQ guides to write before I open the doors.

Stay tuned!

I’m keen and look forward to being part of the community

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A few more days… :slight_smile:

I’m interested! How do you apply?

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