Some evil Pictures of Startscreen (SpaceX)

Hello Brave-community,

I am satisfied with everything and can only pronounce my praise, but I would like to point out that it is unfortunate that Brave makes himself a henchman of SpaceX. You do not need that !

Why are you spreading the fakes of SpaceX? It disgusts me to get fake launches of fake rockets on my monitor. Please think about it and make you smart …

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Are you a flatearther?


What’s to do one with the other ? I am looking for the truth. SpaceX only spreads lies. You should not support that !

Of course - for some time, unfortunately “photographs” of SpaceX are displayed as startup images. I do not assume that this is done intentionally, but rather out of ignorance.

The SpaceX photos are some of my favorites when I load a new tab and kinda wish there was more space related photos in the rotation… I guess everyone has their opinion.


how about implementing a user rating of the startup images? Thus one would be able to meet all requirements and opinions. The unwanted images could be filtered out …

Or even easier: a deletion function that allows the user to permanently remove one or the other image. Should be possible via cookies?

Hi, please use the edit function.

I do not understand what you mean ?

You can edit posts to avoid writing multiple replies. This is somehow the order of the day in forums :slight_smile:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

@stef could we speak privately please?

You’re more than welcome to grab the code from our Github and submit a pull request for it – we are all open source after all :slight_smile:

We’re working on many projects, features, and changes that all involve handling millions of lines of code. We appreciate your patience.

You’re welcome to believe (or not believe) whatever you want, but this conversation is nothing. You can download several extensions that will open a blank new tab or allow you to customize your new tab page background while we work on our own NTP implementation. Thank you for your feedback and support.

Everyone, please remember to stay civil and respectful even when you strongly disagree with what someone is saying or believes. We’re here to lift one another up, not tear down.
Thank you.

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