Can Brave please stop popping up a new window with "What's new" every 10 minutes? It's unnerving

I’m on MacOS. At least for the last two updates (I’m on latest 1.60.118), Brave keeps opening a new window (not new tab) with the “What’s new” page every 10 minutes or so … it’s annoying and disruptive as hell. What’s more is that it does it as a Tor window.

I got it, you added Leo, but why do you need to tell me every 10 minutes?

Please fix it. Anyone knows how do I stop it for the current version?

@alexr this only should happen once when you update. I’m not sure what you might have going on that is glitched. Since you mention Tor window, could you check your settings at brave://settings/privacy and see if you have Automatically redirect .onion sites enabled? If so, disable it.

I do want automatic redirection of onion sites. If I disable it it opens it without Tor, but it wouldn’t be a solution anyway. Brave should just stop popping that annoying window up all the time.

Would like to know if I’m the only one before I start wasting hours of my time tinkering and debugging (of what seems to be a bug in Brave).

Been using the exact same Brave setup daily for almost 2 years on this machine, then all of a sudden it’s doing this because Brave added Leo and really wanted to tell me – no Brave update until now opened a “What’s new” window in the past 2 years. This screams of a bug in Brave, not a problem on my side. Why not make it a OS notifcation that I can click if I’m really interested in what’s new, or a temporary icon in the icon bar next to menu with a tooltip, etc? Plenty of non-intrusive options compared to the current choice

@alexr big thing I was trying to do is get you to test and see if it stopped happening. It’s just a troubleshooting step. Does disabling that option for redirection of onion sites cause the behavior to stop? If so, it gives a hint as to what might be happening. If it makes no impact, then have to consider other areas.

I believe I already answered that

In any case, let me tag @Mattches

There does not appear to be a way to do this at this time — I definitely thought there was though. I’ve logged this feature on Github:

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