Can Brave Evolve into a cloud based browser like Mighty app to circumvent EOL support of Win 7, 8.1 and 10 in 2025?

Currently Brave claims to be the fastest browser but the speed will also be dependent based on the user hardware, so if the user has not sufficient ram or good enough processor, the performance will still be average

Super speed internet is very cheap but it’s not always the case for powerful hardwares so i believe evolving into a cloud based browser like how mighty app tried will create a better future for brave in offering performance for its users and generating profits for the Company Brave Software Inc.

Not sure if mighty used chromium, if mighty used chromium, brave can also use it, i believe.

Currently, for win 8.1 users, you can simply say just upgrade to win 10, but you cant say this for longer time as Microsoft and Google will scrap this support in 2025 where there are nearly 67% of windows users still on it… Microsoft will keep making windows 12, Windows 13…etc to make pc experience to make it more like advanced version of android…

The true versatility of PC experience belongs to legacy Windows 7 and 8.1, win 10 could have also added to this list but... click to read more

The true versatility of PC experience belongs to legacy Windows 7 and 8.1, win 10 could have also added to this list but due to added bloatwares, telemetry, forced consumerism, it loses its spot… so coming back to my point, there will always be people who like win 7, 8.1 and 10 in 2026 and beyond as its confirmed Microsoft is more focused to make future version of windows heavily optimized for touch screen based experience first and then keyboard/mouse as secondary support, tablet modes, android vibes…etc which is not good

i can see people’s interests of touch screen devices and Microsoft’s catering to those needs but dedicated Keyboard/mouse experience is still better according to me which legacy operating systems offered it better.

Cloud based browsers aren’t only for outdated operating systems as development of it will still be useful for people who uses latest versions of windows especially while the new versions of windows are resource hungry where there are 100+ windows processes are running in the background…

Not saying brave should completely evolve into a cloud based browser but only added as an additional support, so it should be like people can choose between cloud version of brave browser where the browser data of brave browser will be hosted on cloud and local version of brave browser where browser data will be saved on to user’s machine C:\Users\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware

people can also choose to keep both the cloud based browser and local browser if they wish

play a 8k video with extreme bitrates on youtube, you can hear the fan spinning and cpu usage gets spiked a lot and this is the reason we need a cloud based browser (No, Not to just play 8k yt videos, i just said that for an example, there are many websites where it’s performance which it has to offer can be enjoyed to fullest only if we have powerful enough hardwares) also cloud based browsers can help in using the browsers on outdated operating systems… no need for security updates as everything is dealt with streaming and things are happening in the cloud.

This project is retired i believe, but that’s due to they would have requested users for payment straight up for accessing it, if there was a freemium version, things would have worked well, say for like, free version, users can open upto 10 tabs, 2 GB daily limit, 5 extensions support…etc and the paid version offers unlimited support…

with proper business theming applied, there is a potential for cloud based browsers as it helps making the performance improved to be on a whole new level…

Working on Brave VPN, Brave cloud based browser, Brave talk, Brave Search Premium combo package can help Brave Software Inc in earning 20$ per month than working mostly on Brave wallet which is free…

Money is important to make a company better so i hope brave puts focus from where it can generate.

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