Clarification on Windows 7/8 support

Hello. I have a quick update re the sun setting of support for Windows 7. Will Brave update to Chromium 109 and then discontinue support? The information on the site is a little confusing. It looks like Google will update to chromium 109 in Jan and then discontinue (so anyone still using Win 7/8 will not get the planned Feb update but WILL get the Jan update). Is this the same for Brave? Look forward to any clarification. Thanks!

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Chromium 109 will be the last version to support brave on Win 7 and 8.1 just as the edge browser

the last update will be live on Jan 10, that’s what brave team said.

if brave moves to cloud based and charges a subscription, we might increase life for win 8.1 and 7… but it doesnt matter for now, i will continue to use 8.1 even if brave browser ends support.

Brave browser is already perfect, only one thing that would make me happier is the performance of shields and database filter lists continues to be updated without the need of browser updates…

like this for example, the ui is not being updated and also the software doesnt receive feature based updates but everything else gets updates like definitions…

so brave shields updates should be separated from browser based updates which will increase the stability, safeness of the browser even if its not receiving “browser upgrade” treatment.

i use my win 7 more then my win 10. Maybe im getting old and dont like changes but i feel my basic win 7 is all i need for online browsing and my many business programs wich is a pain in the ass to transfer over

Yes, Samsung Internet browser which is on my TV loads most of the websites really well even though its not updated for 2+ years. So, Similar to it, i am hoping brave browser will continue to load most of the websites and websites functions will continue to work even without brave browser updates…

I dont care about chromium ending security support because i really dont install softwares often and most of the downloads deal with .mp4, .mkv and .torrent

All theses softwares are up to date and could do most of the tasks that the latest versions could do (Really stopped the habit of wanting to have lot of softwares and installing so many .exe files from the internet, now its very rare i run a .exe file on my computer, also UAC changed to secure level so computer is under my control)

So there is no chance of getting a virus/malware or something similar. Only for Brave Shields, i feel like it should be there always with me even if there is no major browser updates are made like the filter lists continuously be updated because i dont want ads, redirects and unwanted tracking… and its really good to see these numbers

So i expect brave to perform really good at least for next 2 years until they feel the need to make a big change in brave shields like introducing a new version of Brave Shields with a new ui which will break or no longer support the current version of shields.

Since Last week, i Really tried hard for exploring ways to make the new version of windows(including all fancy custom OS based projects of Win 10 and 11) to make it look like Windows 8.1 but sadly there is no way to get it done properly.

Good Example is this

This video really gets close to make win 10 to be like win 8.1 and there are many in depth debloat techniques to bring down the arrogant windows 10 processes to the lowest possible count and make it super lightweight but the main problem is the taskbar icons on the bottom right…both this video as well as the other custom fancy fan made windows OSes dont seem to change what windows 10 and 11 have it as default… and personally, only for the bad looks of it, im holding back from Win 10… it’s simply not good as win 8.1 :pensive:

System icons specifically, compare the above shown safe eject icon of win 8.1 with win 10 and win 11, on the latest version of windows such as 10 or 11 with its fully turned white looks, its a downgrade…i always use this icon a lot…

Thanks for the clarification sir. So it seems like it’ll be up to date w latest Chromium for at least another month or so. Was just concerned re any zero day exploits that may occur/require security updates. I’m not quite clear on how ZDE’s work to clarify. I just know that you’re strongly encouraged to update chromium when they are discovered.

As a follow up to my above reply: do ZDE’s concern you if you’re chromium is not up to date? Thanks again!

Unless you’re installing new softwares or opening unwanted documents, mails…etc there is no need to care about security updates as its just a way for these companies to push you install their new products, threats enter your computer only while you invite it by trusting websites and running executable (.exe) by installing softwares…

As long as your pc is lightweight as mine, you should have no problems :+1:

Dont trust websites blindly and continue using websites only you’re very familiar (yt, amazon, reddit, quora, flipboard,…etc)

and turn off remote desktop connection

As long as i stopped the habit of installing lot of softwares, focus on minimalism with softwares, i have never faced bsod or computer is 1000x faster.

The websites which should be expected to stop functioning are those who heavily rely on chromium. as for instance, Spotify is the number 1 website expected by me to go down due to their constant tech/ui changes and heavy dependency on chromium… As for other websites which doesnt depend on chromium, everything should be functioning fine for the next 2 to 3 years (Samsung TV browser which is on my smart tv hasn’t received any updates for last few years but still loads most of the websites correctly, considering that fact, brave is currently technically advanced, so even without brave team taking care by sending updates and just shields continuing to do its work responsibly, there should be no problems for the next 2 years)

For me, my current plan is to shift to win 10 only if Win 8.1 becomes so unusable, correction, Win 8.1 is a Legendary OS, it will always be an Perfect OS and be known for it’s Speed, its brave browser which should be expected to become unusable, currently for my use case, it has zero bugs but without future updates, the number zero can go to hundred at a certain amount of time, but considering the perfection of its current state now, it isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. As i was saying, only if brave browser becomes unusable, i will make the move, i can understand that this isn’t brave team fault and blame is on the chromium developers for their irresponsibility to just follow the crowd/trails of Microsoft.

Right from Scratch, If Brave has never used Chromium and used a new engine called Blazekit as i said on the other post, Brave Can Confidently say, Google let you down ? Dont worry, Come to us, Our browsers are supported for Legacy windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8.1 and brave could’ve steadily gained ~10 million users as almost 35 million users are still running Win 7 and Win 8.1, but the problem now is brave stuck their head deep into the crypto tech and follows bandwagon, thus updates from brave team will mostly deal with wallet stuff and it will be hard to get the attention of brave team to do something about this situation…

on a sidenote, just discovered the fact, im not the only one who was thinking Device eject icon on win 10 and 11 was bad, the user who posted the previous video had made an update for the current latest version of windows and has a solution for bringing this icon as well as other win 8.1 icons.

i love these icon packs and i hope this should work good on Win 10 as well(if i update to it someday in the future), one of the main things which i found it to be bad on win 10 and 11 is the taskbar, they are not as good as win 8.1, specifically talking about the currently opened programmes, on win 8.1, everything is transparent and beautiful

but on win 10 and 11, there is a thick line with lighting under the icons which i find it bad…
Hopefully some developers in future, for their love of win 7 and 8.1, provide options to customize all these… There was a time when Microsoft was really high and obsessed with customizations, especially during Win 7 and 8.1 era, but sadly they dont care about offering customizations and variety anymore, also most of the talented developers and Engineers who worked for Windows 7 and 8.1 has Left the Microsoft company.

The rise of android and tablets has ruined the excitement for evolution of windows, sad reality.

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