My last day using Brave Browser

Well looks like they officially shut off the Brave rewards flow to users with older Windows machines like myself. Obviously i am not going to upgrade to a higher Windows operating system… It was a great ride. Last day i use the Brave browser. Hope the rest of you keep up the support. Cheers.

Download Vivaldi, a far better product in my opinion. Been off Brave for about a month now and can honestly kick myself for sticking with them for two years.

I would recommend Firefox. I do use brave as my daily driver every day but occasionally use Firefox it is a great browser but not as fast as brave in my opinion. Also, why don’t you want to upgrade?

I lost all my brave rewards too.

Just to be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with Rewards or “stealing BAT”. We are dropping support for outdated Operating Systems because they’re outdated and a security risk. Further, Microsoft themselves are dropping support for these OS — and they are the owners and creators of said OS. This is not unique to Brave in any way.

In fact, all major browsers are dropping support for Windows 7/8/8.1:

It looks like the only browser that hasn’t ended support for Windows 7 yet is Firefox — and even they are still ending it later this year.

What do you mean? You said the same thing in this post.

I’m leaving Brave too, i really like the browser, it has an amazing work with the adblocker and the web pages really started loading faster. What annys me was the politic of sticking to use wallets that are not accesible in a lot of countries. Money was not the hook to keep me using this as i have a lot of time using the browser and seeing the sponsored wallpapers with no option to get reward but Edge is doing a very good work right now. In fact MS Edge is blazing fast and has the best memory management in comparison with Brave and FF.

Maybe in future

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welcome to the sc4m brave