Is there a way to clear Cookies and other site data outside of the browser?

I’m having the issue mentioned here in the GitHub post:

It says

Clearing Cookies and other site data will resolve the issue until the user builds up a large number of sites again. @iefremov has characterized the problem (see #9481 (comment)) and we’re working on a fix

I am trying to do this but my Brave browser crashes way too quickly for me to clear them. Is there a way to do this outside of the browser? Maybe the files?

Any help is appreciated, I really don’t want to have to reinstall because I have already done this years ago and sacrificed my stats that say “ads blocked”, for this same exact issue. I know those don’t really mean anything but its kind of special to me and I don’t want to lose them again after building them back up.

hi @ervinjenriquez I think ccleaner and similar programs can do that, after that you can configure the browser to clear cookies on exit

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