Where can I find these cookies and is there a way to remove them?

I use CCleaner to remove junk from my PC. CCleaner supports Brave but when I run that cleaner there are certain Brave cookies that it identifies but it cannot remove. I noticed this several months ago when there were only 8 of these and now there are 30 and growing. I’ve tried to clear these cookies off by clearing history within Brave but these cookies remain. Can anyone tell me where these cookies are storedlog.txt (6.0 KB) and how I might remove them manually? All of these cookies start with a 32 character unique name and they all end with safeframe.googlesyndication.com

I assume you’ve checked brave://settings/siteData and that it doesn’t show up there?

Thank you so much. This was exactly what I needed. Not sure why CCleaner could not remove them initially but I was able to go to that link and remove them. Any cookie with “google” in the name makes me nervous :grinning:

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