Can anyone explain what happens to my statistics in the browser?

Hello dear users! I would like to receive an answer to the problems that concern me with the statistics of a brave publisher.

I want to say that the statistics presented in the screenshot above are updated! And this is good. Payments for 30 day use also come to balance, and it pleases me too, but there is one problem.
As you can see in the screenshot above, 9 users are “confirmed”, but more people are confirmed in the statistics shown in the first screenshot. I want to know why the blue table is not updated? As you can see, the bottom right corner says that it was updated a day ago, but in fact it has not been updated for four days. What is the problem of not updating this table? I need to do user accounting and know which audience I should devote more time to getting more users, but due to the fact that the blue table is not updated, I can not do this. I ask you to give a detailed answer (according to the possibility). Maybe something is wrong with my account?

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This issue has not been fixed.
My referral specification from January 8 to January 15 was also not updated.
I spend a lot of money to advertise.
I stopped the entire campaign to wait for a notification from the support team

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@trantinhceo Hi, thanks for the reply. Where will you get the notification?

Is the BAT increasing? if yes then there is nothing to worry about… Check Under the graph the stats must have updated thats what matters…


The problem is that some days the chart is not up to date

This is a known bug; a fix is on the way shortly. Make sure you stay on the latest update of Brave and the fix will automatically be rolled in to your installation. Appreciate your patience with us!

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I will need to update the browser for your corrections to take effect or what?

I have the same issue since month of september. I hope mine will fix too

the update isn’t out just yet – just was reminding you to stay updated.

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Hello, I now do not update any statistics at all :frowning: . Is this something with my account? What should I do?

A known bug; a fix is on the way! Appreciate your patience :slight_smile:


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