Bypassing Captcha

I hate those horrible Captcha tasks.
If it would be possible for Brave Shields to bypass them (perhaps by an auto-opt-out setting for users) that would be amazing.

Just my personal opinion, but I don’t see that happening. Those exist as security measures and to protect sites. Otherwise it makes it easy for DDOS attacks, to try to decrypt passwords, using bots to perform a lot of tasks (usually to scam people), etc.


I understand the requirement for a ‘bot checker’ but surely it ought to be an option to opt out of those patronising, AI-training time-wasters.
There are plenty of sites where moving a scrollbar or simply clicking a button is apparently enough to ‘prove sentience’.
I just thought i’d put it out there on the off chance there is potentially a legal angle to allow a blanket opt-out.
I’m sure it would be an extremely popular feature if possible.


Btw, which ones? I just had a nightmare of a Captcha yesterday…

Tor Browser bug_ - Misc _ Private Tabs with Tor - Brave Community - Brave 5_3_2023 15_52_12

Had you seen one like that before? You had to find the lines without dots in them and then get numbers right.

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I think they mean the ones where you have to click on the penguins/stairs/cars/trucks etc. Those can be bloody annoying.

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That is what i meant, yes.
That one posted above looks ridiculous.
The spot the cars, animals, instruments, board rooms(!?) ones are also getting more ridiculous and lengthy.
To be forced to ‘train AI’ before accessing a publicly available page surely must have some legal connotations.

Technically, it is basically impossible. Most captchas run on both, client browser and server. The server validates if the captcha is legit.
Even if Brave bypasses the client side code, the server would block access due to invalid or missing captcha.

As mentioned above, they exist for a reason. And no, it cannot be a user choice, because the security of the server and databases behind is not a user choice.

It is definitely AI training because I purposly misclick some and pass. Because I run a VPN I even get these captias when accessing google these days. It’s insanity

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