Captcha overkill

I just switched from Chrome to Brave and in chrome when I would sign into accounts that use CAPTCHA it was pretty simple click the boxes for whatever it asked fore once and done and I get in.

Now that I’m using Brave my bank and others have me spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME clicking these pictures. sometimes it has my go through 4 or 5 screens of pictures and asking me to click matching whatevers.

how can I stop captcha from being so sensitive

I don’t mind clicking 3 boxes on 1 test screen but when it takes 5 mins of clicking page after page to check my bank account it’s really annoying.

now I’m using 2 browsers chrome for anything that I have to sign into that uses capthias and brave for everything else, I’m over it and if I can’t get this fixed I’m headed back to Chrome…

Thanks for listening to me complain, hope I can get this sorted


I dont know if it matters, but I feel the same about this. wasting 5 minutes clicking reCAPTCHAs is way too annoying. I love Brave but I miss the invisible reCAPTCHA v3 on Chrome (which basically you never encounter).

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Same dude, not finding any fix yet, hopefully someone will come up with something…

This is a massive problem for me at the moment. I’,m regularly getting hit by captchas that initially ask for 4 pictures which sloooowly refresh then ask you to make sure you get the new ones that appear. Then it makes me do 3-4 more before I can access the website.

It’s making it incredibly annoying to use Brave.

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I gave up and Uninstalled Brave and went back to Chrome, Chrome works fine with Captchs…

That’s unfortunate considering the latest release resolved the CAPTCHA issues:

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Thanks for completely wasting my time, just downloaded and reinstalled brave browser and went to my bank account web page and spent almost 5 minutes cicking on about 10 pages of photos looking for boats, stairs, crosswalks, traffic lights…

It seems nothing had changed with the browser, still not as good or fast as Chrome is, at least for me…

How about not misleading people…

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I assume that’s your roundabout way of saying you’re saying the issue persists? Got it. If you’re willing to have a respectful back and fourth here about the issue I’d be happy to help you get it resolved.

The issue was logged here:

We put in a fix and many users have reported that the issue is resolved. That’s why I sent you the reddit thread, showing that users are seeing positive results after the fix:

If you are still encountering an issue, there may be something else at play here. I wouldn’t know what that is because you haven’t provided any information that can be used to assist you – you’ve just complained so far

Which is perfectly fine – I know it can be frustrating, but it doesn’t get much solving done. So again, if you’d like to provide some additional information and discuss what’s happening on your end I’d be more than happy to help you get this fixed.

If not, then thank you for being part of the Brave team and Community for the time that you were and we hope to see you again :slight_smile:

Sure, what can I try? Still have it installed…


  • What version of Windows are you using?
  • I know you said you just updated, but can you confirm that you’re running v1.16.72
  • You mentioned your banking account as the web page that gave you the CAPTCHA issue – can you tell me which banking site that is and also whether or not you see the CAPTCHA issue appear on other sites? Or does it seem to be limited to the banking site?
  • Can you confirm that this is happening when using standard browsing windows (as opposed to Private windows/Private w/tor windows?
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I’m using windows 10

Im using the version I downloaded yesterday, I’ll check when I get home

It’s not just my bank account site, it’s others too

Bank Mobile Vibe

Bank of America

Even getting tickets on the Amy shumer site

I think I’m always using standard windows

Thank you for the information. I’m looking into what might be preventing the fix from working for you. Can you also still confirm that the browser version you’re using is v1.16.72 at this time?

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It’s so annoying, every time I open brave now I have to do captchas for 2 minutes. If this continues Brave is effectively rendered useless on my phone. Man, I had such high hopes for brave.

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Hello @theylos

t been solved long ago so what is your brave version and do you use vpn?

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Hi @justsomeone1, my version is 1.21 ( on iOS, according to the app store this is the most recent version. Brave on iOS asks me to do captcha almost every time I use it now. Yes, I use NordVPN, but the captcha troubles only started recently and I have been using this VPN previously without any such Brave issues. The message with the captcha prompt is that too much traffic was detected from my device or IP address. Any suggestions?

Try connecting without the VPN. Do you still have the reCAPTCHAs?

I would suggest what @gmacar did – try disconnecting from the VPN and browsing to test and see if it has any effect on the captchas. Additionally, you may want to try simply connecting to a different server on the VPN.

Thank you, I will try that. This could still be an issue worth investigating. There may be many people who won’t take the time to look for solutions and just switch to a different browser. I have not encountered this issue with either Safari or Ecosia’s mobile app for browsing under the same VPN conditions.

Appreciate the feedback. This actually was an issue that was fairly widespread in a previous version of the browser – we’ve since fixed this, but clearly there is still work to do. I’ve reached out to our Sec. team for further input.

Appreciate your patience.

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