Buttons in Brave Rewards Settings Not Working

None of the buttons are working the Brave Rewards settings page on Mac OS 10.14.6. I’ve had this issue for a while and none of the updates have fixed it. I can’t click on any of the “claim” notifications and I can’t verify my wallet or really do anything in that wallet window. I would love to be able to actually verify my wallet and get my BAT stored properly.

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you tell me if you have any extensions installed at this time? Additionally, if you visit the Rewards settings page and open dev tools and try to click around, do any errors appear in the console window?

If you’re unfamiliar with dev tools, simply:

  1. Go to Rewards settings page
  2. Press cmd + option + i
  3. Click the Console tab in the dev tools window that appears
  4. Now click around on some of the options on the Rewards settings page and see if any console output appears.

Share a screenshot of the console output here with me if anything does appear.

Thanks for the quick response. I have 6 extensions installed. I eliminated some already but no change. I opened dev tools like you said and clicked around while in the Console tab but there was no change. None of the rewards buttons worked still. Here is a screenshot:

Hi Again,

Just wanted to check in on this issue and see if there is anything I can do to fix it. Thanks

Can you please tell me what version of Brave you’re using, what extensions you have installed (if any) and whether or not you’re using a VPN at this time?

Sure thing, it’s currently on


TopCashback USA

And no VPN

Can you try disabling your extensions and testing to see if the issue persists?