I send a tip and it does not arrive

Hi, since yesterday I am having a problem. I send tips to a colleague to test the donation method and when I tell him to check to verify that he received it, he tells me that nothing has arrived.

I am aware that the tips can take a few minutes to be reflected, but it has been 1 day and still not arrived, but to me if I discounted it and shows me that I donated.

Is this happening to anyone else?


@Manolito020 thanks for reaching out.

Is your friend verified?
Are you both on Uphold or Gemini?

Yes, he has been verified for some time. We use Uphold both, unfortunately Gemini is not available in our country.

Thanks for clarifying, ensure their wallet is properly connected to their creators account and could you kindly have your friend create a post on Community under #brave-rewards:creators with their email linked to their creator’s account and we will be happy to investigate further what their issue might be. Thanks.

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Ok thank you very much, I will be letting him know.

same problem is happening to me: i send BAT but nothing arrives to publishers.


Another reply here

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