Bug: Saved tabs disappearing after opening the settings page on a private window


Hello everyone! So the problem that i’m having is that when i close the browser with multiple tabs in use, open a private window, and go to the settings page, it opens the normal window to show the settings, which removes all the tabs that were there. I’ve already marked the option “Continue where you left off”, but it doesn’t work.



Hi @FernandoMMuniz,
I hope I’m explain it well. :sweat_smile:
cc @Mattches for correction and/or better wording.

I don’t think it’s a bug. It’s because that you only close that normal window. Brave session is still running (it still have Private Window open).

That setting is to set Brave to start “new session” (after you quit Brave) with “your option”.

You should see previous closed window under Menu > History. It should restore your previous window. Or IIRC, you can use Ctrl + Shift + T.



Maybe I’m a bit confused by the issue? If the problem your describing is that opening Settings in a private window will open a new window - this is expected behavior. Is there a second part to this issue that you’re encountering that is not being addressed?



The problem is that after clicking on settings on private mode, all of my tabs are gone on the normal mode, i think it’s because the settings tab overwrites the other tabs, which is very annoying for someone who likes to use multiple tabs



So I tested this on my end by:

  1. Open Brave, load sites in some tabs (had 5 open)
  2. Open a private window session in Brave
  3. In Private window, go to Menu --> Settings
    Result: The Settings tab appearing along side my other tabs in the normal window.

Now just to make sure I understand - What you’re saying is that the result for you was that the Settings tab opened in a new normal window and your previously opened tabs in that window were closed?



Yes, that’s right, but you need to close the normal window before opening the private one



Ah, I see. The plot thickens!
Are the tabs pinned in the normal window before you close it, or just open? Also, what operating system are you using?



They’re just open, i’m using Windows 10 64 bits (17763.316)



I see. So the issue here really is that your open tabs aren’t saved/don’t persist across browsing sessions - I don’t believe this has anything to do with the Private window itself (or any associated settings).

If you were to open 3 tabs right now, close the browser for a minute, then relaunch, none of the tabs previously opened would appear, correct (test and confirm if you’re unsure)?

Additionally, I know you mentioned this option already but are you certain you have this option enabled in Settings --> On Startup:



Yes, that option is enabled, and the tabs don’t disappear if i close, wait for 1 minute and open



They dont?
Now I’m really confused.
I tested this on my end, using WIn10 and v0.60.45 with various iterations:

  • Open window, open tabs, start private session, close regular window, open settings in private window
  • Open window, open tabs, close regular window, start private session, open settings in private window
  • Open window, open tabs, close regular window, start private session, close private session, open new private window, settings

All of these resulted in a regular window launching with my previously opened tabs and the Settings tab loaded and ready.

I’m going to reach out to the team and see if anyone else has ideas about what’s going on. Appreciate your patience and willingness to participate while diagnosing.



When you close the regular window (before opening Settings from private window menu), can you ensure that only that regular window (that you just closed) and the private window are the only brave windows/instances active at that time?


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