Bug reports, google and youtube

Hello i love using this app, however i have ran into a issue, two (s9 plus)

I used to be able to run YouTube fine and google images as well, i am not sure if the devs are aware of this as i have already posted a support ticket

Youtube: when you fast forward or Rewind it was make youtube go in a loop till you do one of these actions, or press play to get it going

Google image: google image is werid as days it works and 50 50 it wont work, as you scroll down you will see " Retry" and sign in etc, however despite hitting it, it wont fix it, the only temporary fix i seem to do is getting rid of the app and bringing it back if anyone has a solution or if one could fix this i would love it!

Date of issue notice: January 19-and up, 2019

I’m looking into the Youtube issue now.
As for your issue with google image search, will all images load if Shields are down?

No it won’t but for some reason it seems to be working at the moment, the only fix was to basically mind wipe brave or get rid of it then bring it back

As for other video places (for the sake of example) like pornhub runs normal…say for the blocking ads, other than that it will work find and after doing tests from someone who requested, i found that the site will literally open up other webs without users permission

But back to the YouTube i have found no work arounds, as of now its a 80 80 that if you fast forward or backwards youtube will get stuck in a loop, fix is to hit play button or repeat what you did…still blocks ads

I used to never had this issue till maybe late date this month that i noiced this issue

If you need more proof that could help i could get a app to screen record youtubes activity

I was able to reproduce the Youtube issue and will be filing this issue for the Android team to review. Thanks for reaching out to us with it.

You are welcome, if anyone should be number one its you guys, i love your guys ideas for the internet

Why should i watch a ad if i dont support it? What i like is you can choose to support your favorite people!

But not sure if you are able to do that for android, i know I’ll get brave one day for pc when i get it…thing is not sure what gaming pc to go for

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