Bug Report with full screen video

the fullscreen video framerate drops to 9-20 fps
windowed screens stay at 240fps
tested Websites youtube and twitch

works fine with Chrome and Firefox

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I am also having the same issue with the latest build 1.3.118. I haven’t tried installing a previous version yet but have tried disabling all add ins and plugs. It’s the same thing across multiple websites to include youtube when in full screen. I’ve noticed that it only happens when using a monitor connected through display port though. My second monitor using HDMI isn’t affected. I’ve tried switching display port cable ports and cable but does not fix the issue. Could Brave possibly have a bug that makes it incompatible with displaying graphics in full screen mode via a display port cable?

Edit: Also of note, when I click outside of the monitor to my secondary screen but leave the video playing full screen, it stops lagging. Definitely seems related to display port.

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