Bug Report, Suggestion for Sensitivity Adjustment on Youtube

When on YouTube in desktop mode on my iPhone, whenever I try to edit one of my comments, nothing happens/changes to bring up comment editing mode on my screen after selecting the “Edit” button. I’m not sure whether this bug is connected to Brave browser or on YouTube’s end, but hopefully this issue is addressed soon(:

Im also reporting a bug I’m currently experiencing while editing the text portion of my comment/topic content. I will include a screenshot of what is happening upon selecting “Edit” for this Topic I’ve created. After viewing the screenshot you’ll understand why this “thing/bug” needs to be recoded - all of the text that make up my topic’s content are very oddly arranged and making it difficult/impossible to view or edit what I’ve written!

One thing I would suggest adjusting is the level of sensitivity when scrolling through videos, shorts, playlists etc. on a YouTube channels page on Desktop Mode. While scrolling down the list of videos(for example) the sensitivity is too high which makes it extremely easy to accidentally switch/slide over to the next/neighboring list of multimedia featured categories, in this case it would be Shorts directly to the right of Videos, and Home directly to the left of Videos. This happens to me all the timeee.

Also suggesting adding a new tag labeled “Bug Report” when creating a new topic would be useful. & the option to create your own new tag(s) not currently included in the list of tags to choose from.

Other than that, Brave browser is an all-around awesome app that I am a huge fan of!!