Cannot Comment on YouTube

Description of the issue:
I’m a new user and have used Brave for about one week now. The only problem I’m having is on YouTube. When I click inside the comment box to type a comment, the box completely disappears and all that’s left is my avatar. This happens whether I want to type a new comment or leave a reply on another comment. As a result, I have to go back to Safari to leave a comment.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Click on any video.
  2. In the comment section, click inside the comment box so you can start typing your comment.
  3. The comment box (and cursor) completely disappear.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
This is what it looks like before clicking in the box to leave a comment.

This is what it looks like after clicking in the box to try to leave a comment.

Expected result:
The expected result is to be able to type a comment on YouTube videos.

Reproduces how often:
Every time. I’ve tried clearing the cache/cookies, restarting my computer, turning off all (5) of my extensions, etc., but nothing has worked.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Brave Version 0.67.123 Chromium: 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)
MacOS Sierra, Version 10.12.6

Additional Information:
I’ve tried searching this site and found one other closed topic with this issue. I tried the two suggestions (listed above) mentioned there but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I basically only use my computer for YouTube so this is a big problem for me. Thank you.

Hi @JackParker,

Welcome to community!

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’m looking into it now and trying to reproduce the issue on my end. So far it is working as expected:

Thanks, Steeven!

How odd that it works for you. I can comment on YouTube with Safari and Firefox, just not Brave. I thought for sure it was one of my extensions because they’re usually the culprit when it comes to Macs. But, I turned them all off and it still didn’t work. Maybe I’ll try deleting them completely and see if that works.

By the way, sometimes this is how the YouTube comment section shows up for me, even without clicking anything.

I just removed every extension, completely cleared the browser cache, closed Brave, and restarted my MacBook Air. I still have the same problem. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated because I do NOT want to give up Brave! It’s the absolute best I’ve ever used!

Does the issue occur with Sheilds down and/or in Private window mode?

Good questions. I just tried both and, yes, the result is the same. Even with Shields down, or in a Private Window, I still cannot comment.

It seems the problem is spreading now. When I go in my Watched History in YouTube, for the first time, that’s gone blank now, too. (See picture below.) Again, I’m using a MacBook Air, fully updated, no extensions on my Mac at all - only on Brave (which have all been ruled out as possibilities). I went through all of my computer’s System Preferences and the only thing that I can possibly see that might be the issue (but have no clue how to fix) is Flash. See 2nd attached picture.



If you test it on Brave Beta build, does do the same thing?

Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings and see if that makes any difference?

Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Thanks Mattches. I just tried that and it didn’t work. Thanks for the suggestion! Do you know what the Flash Settings should be for Chrome? I have a feeling that’s where the problem is. But, before Brave, I’ve never used Chrome before.

Thanks fanboynz. I didn’t have Brave during the Beta phase. Can I download the Beta version and keep the current version at the same time? If not, I’d rather not try that and lose my stats and settings.

You can install multiple versions, I don’t believe it’ll share data. But for testing purposes it would be good to know if it helps.

Then I’ll surely try it and report back. The nearest I can figure is that it might have to do with the Flash Player settings like I reported above. Do you have any suggestions for the right Flash settings I need for Chrome? I know most folks don’t care for Flash but, when it comes to YouTube, I’m not a fan of HTML 5.

I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate their kindness and help. I’m not the most technologically-inclined. For how little my needs are for a computer, they’re important to me and I’m grateful! I installed Brave on my phone yesterday, too. I don’t use it much except calls and texting but I’m glad to have it.

Flash is being disabled completely in Chrome 76, to be honest I haven’t used flash in many many months. Sites will need to adjust soon.

Brave Beta Build allows me to leave YouTube comments.

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Re: Flash being disabled in Chrome 76, does that mean I’ll be “forced” to use HTML 5? Are there options/alternatives? Like I said, I’m not technologically-inclined, which is the basic reason I hate changes online. Constantly having to relearn how to do things online is frustrating…

Unclear but HTML5 provides very rich functionality and has been specifically designed to run natively on the web browser – without having to install and update additional software (like Flash)/plugins and the associated risk that comes with it.

I understand the initial rollout of HTML5 vs Flash, it was jank. Most sites didn’t know how to properly cover both Flash/HTML5 and browsers would often use more CPU/GPU for rendering HTML5 video. But things have matured. Browsers and their rendering engines and sites implementation of HTML5 (and its various codes for video).

tl;dr It should be much better now.

Most sites have migrated completely away from Flash and defaulted to HTML5. The only sites that I’ve seen is some obscure Flash-based game sites (who knows if they’re still being maintained?). Because once browsers remove Flash completely, it’ll essentially kill most of the traffic to the sites if they haven’t migrated away.

Well, I may not be the smartest guy when it comes to technology, but one thing I’ve learned in life: If you don’t adapt to change, you’ll get left behind and become irrelevant. If Flash is on it’s last legs on the way out, I don’t intend to join it.

I’ll remove my Flash Player completely and see how that goes.

ETA: I uninstalled Flash Player from Finder but I still see Flash Player in my System Preferences Screen. Does this need to be removed? (Message is from a right-click.) Uninstalling/Removing it from Finder didn’t fix the commenting issue so, so much for that…

Thanks for your help everyone. Since there doesn’t seem to be a solution, I’ll need to go back to Safari. It’s too bad because I really love this browser.