Bug Report: Control Page Down/UP no longer works correctly

Been a long time user of Brave Browser and with many tabs open, using Control Pg UP or Pg down would jump to the next tab (left for Pg Up and right for Pg Down). It no longer does this. Now sorta acts randomly, but not exactly. Bottom line is it does not work like it used to.

Also print preview is very slow to load. This just started a few days ago.

I have no idea were to put this, I searched for bug report but didn’t find a category for it. Move as needed.

I just tested and it seems to still work. So not sure why you might be having issues. I’m not sure if you have a program or extension that might be causing issue. Guess would start by suggesting you test on Private Window and/or New Profile to see if still have issue.

Also, always good to share what OS you’re on and which version of Brave.

Browser Support, as you’re seeking support for issues with the browser. Then you would have tagged the OS.