Allowing pop up screens for certain sites

I just updated to the new Brave on April 20th 2019 browser as per the warning that the old browser version would stop functioning.

For my business I purchase postage through USPS via their “click and ship” interface. This requires a pop-up screen for printing postage. In the old browser, this functioned fine, but in the update, the PDF upload is blocked, so I can pay for but cannot print my postage. This will cause me to abandon Brave until this issue is resolved.

I wanted to add that the track pad crazy scrolling is finally fixed! It just does a funny slide now but doesn’t scroll to the bottom of all pages forever. That would be amazing if this didn’t block an important business function for me in the process!

@serafaery Apologies, but I’m not sure I understand you’re referring to PDF Print preview window? and unable to scroll to the bottom of all pages of PDF?. Could you elaborate a bit on the issue.

If possible can you provide the steps to reproduce the issue along with screenshot.

Thanks for reaching out!

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