Brave Browser / Bug with scrolling - Return to top of the page

There is a bug regarding scrolling when Opening with the brave browser. After scrolling down a bit, the website jumps back to the top.

Video to Show it in action:

It works perfectly with all other browser including Chrome. Brave is on the latest version with no other external extensions installed.

Any ideas what could cause that problem and how to fix it - in the browser or in the code of the website itself?


Thank you for reaching out.
Surprisingly I do not see this issue on my end. I do want to note that the link you shared initially is a different page than the one shown in your video. To be thorough I tested both sites, but couldn’t reproduce on either.

I’m wondering whether or not you get this same behavior if you test this site ( in a private window? I’m also curious whether or not Shields up/down makes any difference in the beahvior.

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