Browser wrighting something to my ssd


every time i launch brave browser it starts wrighting data to my ssd. brave [TaskSchedulerFo] - this process wrighting 500kb/sec, sometimes 4-6mb/sec.

Brave Version 0.60.48 Chromium: 72.0.3626.121

this started near a month ago. after this i’ve updated my brave a few times


Can you tell me what OS/version you’re running?
If you open a new tab with a clean profile (you can use the profile button next to the main menu to create a new [temp] profile without any associated browsing data) do you still see this behavior?

Additionally, are you visiting any particular sites or running any web applications when you see the disk write occur? Can you also share the console output in Dev tools when this happens?

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today i’ve noticed that writing starts after I launch 2 youtube videos at once.
here is a screenshot i made after launching 2 videos at the same time - console output


That’s good to know, however, can you tell me the results of the previous test I mentioned?

:point_up: I ask this because there’s a good chance this is simply Brave writing to the cache - if you have a fresh profile with only one (new) tab open, nothing should be written to cache. But if it is, we may be looking at a separate issue.

Let me know.


just opened a new tab as you said. everything was fine. even when i launcher two youtube videos at the same time.
what should this mean? =)


forgot to tell you that wrighting didn’t stop even when i close brave. it stops only when i kill all brave processes with htop


nobody can help me? =(

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