Problems with running Brave on external SSD

I’m trying to save my internal SSD on my mac, so I run Brave from an external SSD. For the most part, everything seems to work fine, but periodically Brave seems to flood my SSD with writes and locks it up. I can read from the SSD but can’t write to it until I shutdown Brave. Once I restart Brave, everything starts working again for a week until it locks up the SSD again.

My cache always seem maxed out at 1.8GB. Clearing the cache when this issue happens doesn’t fix it.

I notice Brave is constantly writing to disk. My Brave disk writes are usually over 70GB after several days.

Another odd issue that others don’t seem to have is that when I start Brave and do a Restore, Brave will create 5X more windows than I had when I closed. Each of them with a single empty tab.

Another strange issue is that periodically I’ll see a bunch of extra process in Activity Monitor for Brave. This are usually associate with an empty tab. I usually don’t touch them, but if I do delete them, they seem to have no effect.

Here’s my command for running brave from an Automator app:
/Volumes/FastSSD/Applications/Brave\\ Browser --user-data-dir=/Volumes/FastSSD/ChromeProfile --disk-cache-dir=/Volumes/FastSSD/ChromeCache/ --disk-cache-size=2147483647 --disable-auto-update

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