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So I opened up a profile, then Xed out of it & when I clicked on a link in another program, it opened that closed profile over & over again.

I’m not sure that’s ever happened before.

Please don’t tell me that all of my Brave profiles are open in the background even the closed ones.

I just reformatted my HD & Brave is still taking up a huge amount of memory and I only installed the 4 basic extensions on every profile that I absolutely need.


Hi @OurFreeSociety welcome to Community :smiley:

Does this issue happen when you are clicking on a specific link or any link?

Hi @SaltyBanana

So I tried it 4 times.

Once it opened in the profile I was on (this one) just before testing it.

The next 3 times it opened up the profile I had just closed.

Also, there’s other threads I opened, can you answer them? This is another one, I think there’s 1-2 more.

And again, Brave takes up a huge amount of my memory.

I thought the issues were due to my computer, but it’s still happening after formating.

I don’t know if it’s b/c profiles aren’t closing or it’s just Brave in general.



I’m not happy

Hi @OurFreeSociety, apologies to hear you are experiencing this issue. It could quite possibly be because you’re running programs or functions in the background either through that other profile.

If you go to the hamburger menu on the further right corner of the browser and go to more toolstask manager this will give you an idea what is might be running in the background.

As for the additional profile that keeps getting redirected, you might see in the task manager tabs that might be running even though it has been closed. Additionally you could try closing those tabs through your main profile if you see this.
Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 3.46.15 PM

Let me know if this helps in any way.

That other issue where it opens in a closed profile doesn’t seem to be happening anymore, but the HUGE memory issues is very very bad.

There’s Brave (the program, not a profile) that always shows up at the top which of course you can’t close & like I said in the other thread, I have LESS profiles open now since I reformatted & LESS windows open & even LESS extensions installed & I’m still having huge issues.

AND I even use tab suspender.


And here’s the new thread I just created re: the memory.

If we can’t fix this, I’m leaving. This is nuts, especially that you never responded to other people’s complaints about the same thing.

Are you using a tab suspender extension or a flag?

I don’t know what a flag is and I’m using taps suspender, yes.

I tried to look for another Suspender but amazingly enough, there is only this 1 and the one that got close down which I switched from and then the 3rd 1 where you actually have to pay for it and it doesn’t even have any features really.

I have a strong feeling that that particular extension is causing a lot of issues for you. Can you please try disabling it and testing to see if the behavior improves?

But I can’t @Mattches b/c if I do, my memory well get so bad that I can’t work.

Like I already said, I tried disabling it on one profile & my memory increased by 1-2%, maybe even 3. I can’t remember right now.


We are talking about two separate issues here. Your memory issue is one thing and I would recommend reading @clifton’s response to that thread.

For this issue, regarding profiles not closing, it may be due to the fact that tab suspender is holding info from these other profiles and thus ‘not closing them’. For the purposes of troubleshooting this particular issue, it is worth testing.

Oh, I see what you are saying. Sorry.

So you are saying I need to shut off Tab suspender for the 3 profiles I have open & you think that will release Profile 1?

Or open Profile 1 & turn off Tab Suspender & then close it again?

No worries.
I’m saying open all profiles, disable Tab suspender in all of them, then see if closing your profiles works as expected?

Hi there,

How are you doing?

So I had to wait until I talked to my website coder.

There is no way I can unsususpend every single profile I have (12) & leave them all open.

My computer will crash, so I will have to replace it with another tab suspender extension.

Is that going to be okay for testing?

And what about the cache not deleting? I had a thread for that that still hasn’t been responded to.

And also the wallet issues? You never responded to that either.



Can you please respond to this.

@OurFreeSociety if the tab suspender extension is attaching itself to all profiles and taking memory in those profiles even when you’re not logged into those profiles (ex: all windows for that profile closed) and you’re not willing to disable or uninstall the extension, I’m not really sure what to tell you. I guess maybe report the issue to the extension developers? This looks to be their support website

One of the common ways to trouble a browser problem is by testing with clean profile. On Windows, this would be moving your %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser folder out of the way (that folder has all of your profiles). You can rename it as Brave-Browser2 for example and if you relaunch a blank profile will get created. After you confirm or deny behavior, you can delete that empty Brave-Browser folder and rename your actual profile (Brave-Browser2) as Brave-Browser if that makes sense.

I am guessing that if you have a clear profile (no extensions) and create the same number of profiles and try browsing on each (switch between the profiles), you won’t experience the problem. If you are able to reproduce the problem with no extensions installed, then there would be a bug and we’d love to have those steps you tried so we can 1) reproduce the problem and 2) fix the problem

Something else you can try would be install the extension in Chrome and use it the same way in Chrome. If the behavior happens there too, the problem is in Chromium and I can help open a bug in the Chromium tracker if needed. If anything, the extension developers should be more motivated to troubleshoot since it would affect a much wider audience.

Hope this makes sense


Who said I wasn’t willing to uinstall it. Did you not read what I wrote in my last message???

Chrome causes even MORE memory issues than Brave does & I already have it installed there too.

I just read through the full thread here, and it seems like there was an issue where processes belonging to other profiles were lingering around a bit too long. But now that no longer appears to be an issue, correct?

“That other issue where it opens in a closed profile doesn’t seem to be happening anymore, but the HUGE memory issues is very very bad.”

In order to better assist you with memory-related concerns, we need to establish a base-line measurement of how Brave performs on your system. The best way to do this, as shared by @clifton earlier, is to run a fresh profile (with no extensions installed), and monitor the performance of the browser for a bit.

Standing up a new profile can be quite a bit of work, however. For now, would you be able to share a screenshot of Brave’s internal Task Manager (☰ › More Tools › Task Manager)? You can enable additional columns of data by right-clicking any of the column headers, and choosing the desired data types from the resulting list.

Here is my own task manager, from Brave Nightly, for example:

Note how the browser itself has an entry with its own memory figures. The same is true for an installed extension (MetaMask in this case); it too has an entry with its own memory figures. Additionally, note the Profile column which tells me to which profile the process is associated.

A similar screenshot, showing the same columns, would be very helpful.

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