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Hi, I’ve been using brave for some time now, and tbh I’ve been months without even chrome installed, I’m a Brave fan :smiley: thing is, my SSD died today so I installed a new one with a fresh windows on it. How an earth do I get my brave back as it was on the new one? On chrome all u have to do is log in and everything pops up, even remembers ur backgroud photo xD, but brave just has a profile thing that isn’t helping me much. How do you do it? Thx!

Hello and thank you for reaching out to us.
You stated that your SSD “died” — does this mean it’s completely dead/the data on it is inaccessible?

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hi! yeah, it doesn’t even start up anymore x.x

Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve your data. Brave does not have a central “account” in which your data is stored in the way Chrome does. If there is any way to retrieve your data from your old SSD, there may be steps we can take but if not you will have to start fresh.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.


aaw, oh well, I guess I’ll just build it up again, it’s a shame though, thanks anyway! very kind


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