A geeky noob tells you why he uses Brave Browser.

It might seem stupid. But this browser doesn’t scan my whole hard drive right? Chrome’s “Software Reporter Tool” does that. It scans and tests every .exe file.

And, this browser doesn’t keep writing data onto my hard drive when idle, right? Firefox does that all the time. Keep Firefox open for 24 hrs and it will write more than 10GB of data. And I don’t know how to stop Firefox from doing that.
And I love to keep browsers open all the time. So these two problems are really annoying. My last cheap SSD broke sooner because of this?

And, since this browser has the same core as Chrome, it doesn’t have volume too low when playing many YouTube videos, right? My Firefox currently has this problem, for quite a while. And I don’t see it getting fixed anytime soon. (I believe this is Google’s another dirty play. They did similar thing to Microsoft Edge before, making this EdgeHTML core browser lag when visiting YouTube, forcing it to switch to chromium core. So I guess the Firefox YouTube volume problem will never be fixed.)
The really annoying part of the volume problem is that it happens to some but not all YouTube videos. So turning up volume before you visit YouTube, won’t work.

Brave Browser
= Chrome’s compatibility

  • Firefox’s privacy
  • Chrome’s scanning my disk
  • Firefox’s constant disk writing
    and no volume issues when playing YouTube videos.

But what Brave doesn’t have, is Chrome’s seamless page translation feature. Is it even possible to add one? Will Google allow that? (I guess not otherwise why Firefox still doesn’t have it.) So I have to keep Chrome as well. Chrome is now my 2nd backup browser.

And Brave is… eh, my 1st, backup, browser.
Firefox is still my main browser.

Problem is that, it takes too long before I realize that Brave exists.
I mentioned that, Firefox have that annoying disk writing problem. However…
By the time I know Brave, I already invented a “.bat” file to suspend firefox.exe using a program called “pssuspend64.exe”, and another “.bat” file to resume firefox.exe, And put the two shortcuts at a convenient place. And learned the habit of suspending Firefox whenever I’m not using it. When the habit is learned, it feels like nothing. Suspending and resuming Firefox 20 times a day feels like nothing.

Firefox’s YouTube volume problem isn’t much to me, either. I use mouse wheel on bottom of the screen to change volume all the time, so I just turn up the volume whenever I play the YouTube video, it also feels like nothing.

So the disk writing problem is suppressed. And I got used to the lower volume problem.
And I’m too lazy to go through the trouble of fully migrating to Brave now.

Had I known Brave 4 years earlier, I might be using it as my main browser now.
And for other users, they might not find a way to supress Firefox’s disk writing problem and volume problem. And might hate Chrome’s disk scanning. They would use your browser if they know it? (Disclaimer: I don’t use any browser’s sync function at all.)

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@KiloGramGrave … Chrome’s “Software Reporter Tool” (on Windows platform) can be disabled. (Or you could run Linux :slight_smile: ).

Firefox’s “session store” functionality can be adjusted to write much less data throughout the day.

As you’re a self-proclaimed “geek”, I’ll leave the research to you, how to “fix” these two issues.

Hmm. Disable Chrome’s Software Reporter Tool by clicking an “Disable inheritance” button in “software_reporter_tool.exe”.s properties dialog->security->advanced. This one totally works. (Update: Not really totally, sometimes Chrome can add the permissions back after a while. Not really using Chrome much anymore, so I won’t try other ways. )

Firefox’s session store can be reduced by going to about:config, and changing “browser.sessionstore.interval” to a higher number.
I doubt this adjustment though. Changing it too high is a bit unsafe, might lose browsing progress.
Also, there are already two more settings called “browser.sessionstore.idleDelay”=3min and “browser.sessionstore.interval.idle”=1hr. But I still feel this doesn’t really work properly.

I think the real concern is that, since there are problems/privacy concerns I see, there might be other problems/privacy concerns that I can’t see. Especially for the Chrome case, I worry about that.
So I’d love to see one browser that doesn’t have these problems out of the box. And that’s why I will keep Brave installed on my computer.

@KiloGramGrave what machine you have with specs and as per my experience Intel 320 series ssd copled with old i7 and 8 gigs of RAM is going strong from 2014 and now a days brave has any no of tabs I need/ want for pretty long periods can even use loaded pages disconnected from internet most of the time

Chrome is going to do something with it’s disk writing issues as i read
I did not get your issue you are facing please explain more
Please elaborate more on more settings inside brave
i am sure i ll find a lot of useful things there